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Stat shows that Manchester United is as big a club as Real or Bayern Munich

Old Trafford

The Red Devils are just as big a brand as Real Madrid or Barcelona when comparing the top European clubs in terms of average attendance figures.

The stats show that United, at 75,331, rank third overall, securing larger attendances on average than Bayern, Real and all the other Premier League clubs. Only Borussia Dortmund and Barcelona beat United, with the two clubs having average attendances of 81,122 and 76,487 respectively.

Elite clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid are often put into a class of their own, but this stat suggests at least in some areas they are on par. Despite winning little silverware in recent years, United still draws its fans to Old Trafford in impressive numbers, and it’s popularity overseas continues to grow.

Schalke 04, Arsenal and Manchester City also made it onto the top 10 attendance list, though their numbers are all at least 15,000 lower than United’s.