Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herrera, former Mexico national team head coach and currently in the Liga MX with Xolos of Tijuana, gave his opinion on the controversial chant of ‘pu…’ which FIFA has threatened to sanction harshly.

Herrera mentioned that FIFA needs to research Mexican colloquial language before sanctioning Mexican soccer (and its fans) for using what many suggest is a homophobic term.

“We are criticized for using a homophobic chant. That is not true, and whoever says that, is fooling people, as it is part of Mexican colloquial language.”

He then proceeds to mention that FIFA is currently not morally ready to condone Mexican fans considering the current corruption scandal revolving the soccer federation.

Whether the ex-Mexico national team coach is right or wrong, there is change in the future of games in Mexico as there could be serious sanctions like big fines, loss of World Cup qualifying points, and Mexico having to play games behind closed doors.