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Top 3 Manchester United Players’ Tweets of the Day


Here’s a review of the top 3 Manchester United players’ tweets made these past 24 hours. Enjoy!

3Marcos Rojo with Argentinian Teammates

Marcos Rojo posted a pic of the Argentinian players on Twitter and Instagram, celebrating the fact that Argentina defeated Bolivia 2-0 in South America’s World Cup Qualifying match. Man Utd fans will hope Rojo can bring the good form back to Old Trafford.

2Schweinsteiger gives words of encouragement

Prior to Germany’s friendly match against Italy, Basti sent out a tweet encouraging the German team to victory. The tweet ended up working, because Germany defeated Italy 4-1.

1Luke Shaw ready to come home

Shaw sent a tweet out from Dubai, stating that he is ready to go back to work. Shaw, who suffered a tremendous injury, is daily inching closer to returning to play. Man Utd fans responded to his tweets with great words of encouragement.



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