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Manchester United is One Player Away from the Premier League Title


It’s no secret that despite currently sitting in the top-three, many Manchester United supporters have been less than thrilled by the playing style of the Red Devils under current manager Louis Van Gaal. The defense-minded approach has definitely been effective, but it has also failed to bring in the glut of goals and flashy attacking play that United fans have come to expect from their squad. Manchester United fans are too accustomed to being the bride to ever be content with remaining a bridesmaid. That’s why it would be reasonable to expect the team to make some changes in the coming months in order to shore up its attacking line-up.

The team’s defense has practically been a wall this year and has only allowed 10 goals. However, it has hardly experienced the same level of success on the opposite side of the pitch. Manchester United has only scored 20 goals of its own this year and sits 10 behind on goal differential. While the team is moving in the right direction, it will take a reliable and consistent striker similar to that of Robin Van Persie to fully restore the team to its former glory.

United signed the young Dutch striker Memphis Depay during the summer transfer window. While the 21-year-old forward has shown flashes of brilliance during the season, he has failed to display an ability to put the team on his back and score goals when they’re most needed. Although the player leads the team in his completion rate against defenders, that isn’t saying much when you consider that he has only beaten 14 opponents. To put that in perspective, Leicester City’s Riyad Mahrez has a completion rate of 58.3 percent and has pushed the ball past 49 defenders for the best rating in the Premier League. Manchester needs players (like Mahrez) who are willing to put it all on the line for their squad and take chances against opposing defenses. That is, of course, if the team wishes to rise above the competition and regain its former glory.

Former players have reiterated that the team’s defense is looking stronger than it has in years. That being said, they also mentioned that Man Utd. is still missing a couple key components in its quest for success, namely a star player who can take control of a game when he necessary.

“If you put two more players into Manchester United’s team, say a Gareth Bale or a Cristiano Ronaldo, that team could win the league,” former Manchester United star Gary Neville in his podcast.

Following the team’s most recent draw against Leicester City, many have already begun speculating that the team will look to bolster its attacking prowess during the winter transfer window. Some have suggested that the team may look into spilling some cash for Leicester City’s revelatory talisman, Jamie Vardy. However, some question whether the player’s performance this year justifies the extravagant price tag for a striker that has only played with one top flight club in his career.

A bigger target would be the return of Cristiano Ronaldo, who’s hinted that he wouldn’t be opposed to coming back to his former stomping grounds at Old Trafford. The Portuguese superstar’s relationship with Rafa Benitez at Real Madrid seems to have seen better days, which bodes well for a potential move back to Manchester United. Keep your fingers crossed, because a major move for a player like Ronaldo could be just the ticket to put this team back on top.

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