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Chelsea One Step Closer to Landing Pogba Transfer- Rival Team out

Pogba Manchester United
Wikimedia: Shory

Current Premier League Champions, Chelsea have been handed a massive boost in the race for French midfielder Paul Pogba. According to ESPN, the player’s agent, Mino Raiola, has confirmed that there is in no agreement in place for the player to move to Barcelona next summer.

Speaking to the Italian media, Raiola said, “We said no to several teams, and continue to move forward, judging the moment. We can’t say that Pogba will leave after this season, he could stay another year at Juventus.”

Having said this however, Raiola was asked about any deal already in place between the player’s camp and Barcelona. In response to this, he said, “We don’t have a pre-agreement with anyone.”

The agent however, did not rule out the possibility of his client moving next summer as he added, “When the right project comes along at the right time for everyone then we could leave, but an agreement has to be reached with Juventus first.”

Having a start the likes of Paul Pogba would be a massive boost for any team, let alone an underperforming Chelsea side who are in desperate need for a makeover. While the Blues would be able to afford any move for the player, it remains to be seen whether the player himself would be interested to play for them or not.