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Aguero and the CITY

This is the quote that many of my associates use for describing Manchester City. Aptly named after the popular HBO show, the lads at City are on a first class ticket to running the premier league table at a Chelsea-like pace of last year. Leading that charge is the man, the myth ,and city legend, Sergio Aguero, who has been top class since arriving to City in 2011.

As football enthusiast since 2012, I witnessed the goal in the 94th minute to win the league title, and thought “this Aguero guy is pretty good, but the difficulty of the goal was average,” therefore rendering my decision to also label Aguero as average. I have never wanted to admit how wrong I was about a prediction than I was with Sergio. He is grease lightning on the pitch, with a uncanny ability to sell his strength short, which in turn has defenders confused on how to attack him most times.

While watching many games City has played against my beloved Spurs, I’ve seen this guy rip the heart out of the chest of many Tottenham supporters with stunning volleys, marvelous through balls, and the “it” factor that people hate to mention exists, but quite frankly, it does exist, and within the premier league, very few posses the “it” factor. Aguero fresh off of a Lewandowski-type performance, slicing through lanes to put the final touch to the goal, and yelling ferociously after his hat trick was completed!

Aguero in my opinion, has all of the traits of a Luis Suarez, from his technique on and off of the ball, to his great shooting ability, and even the “big headed bravado” of Suarez. I feel as though with everything he has accomplished so far with Manchester City, from the two league titles, to his successful Golden Boot campaign in 2014-2015 with 26 goals. The only trait of Aguero that I have an issue with is the old “injury bug” that Aguero refuses to stay away from.

Over the last  matches, Aguero has missed  of them. Two years ago, when Liverpool fumbled the ball and let City back into the league title picture, Aguero was fighting the injuries left and right, eventually coming into his own, and for the club it was magical! They won the league title and everyone was rejoicing, all the while, the next season was filled with a Chelsea imprint that no one could dodge, and City ran full force into that immovable object, forgetting that they were not that same unstoppable force.

This year however, is looking better than two years ago, with no surging Liverpool chomping at the bit to take them out, Chelsea swimming in the dangerous relegation waters, and United looking comfortable in their runner up to third place skin. The lad Aguero is the health x-factor, though Kevin De Bruyne is looking like he wants his own spotlight, Aguero must play 33-36 matches in order for City to run the town once again. I am thoroughly enjoying watching this kid have fun on the pitch and dominate so confidently all at the same time! God bless the Premier League!