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Shocking portrayal of Man Utd Legend- “only likes those who obey him”

Pogba Manchester United
Wikimedia: Shory

Football super-agent, Mino Raiola has come out and publicly blasted Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson. Raiola’s comment was in response to what the former United boss said about him in his latest book entitled, “Leading”.

Sir Alex has revealed in his new book that he did not trust Mino Raiola “from the moment he met him”. The Scotsman has also declared that he feels that Paul Pogba leaving Manchester United on a free transfer was all his agent’s fault.

Raiola, who is also Mario Balotelli’s agent, has now come out and defended himself in an interview with Tuttosport by saying that,” Those words don’t describe my work in a negative way. I rate them as a proof that I am good at my job. I have to do what’s best for my players’ sake. If I had looked only at my immediate gain, I would have kept Pogba in Manchester.

“But I put Pogba’s interests first and we decided to go to Turin. Maybe Ferguson only likes those who obey him. From his quotes, I understand that Ferguson still doesn’t have a clue who Pogba really is. Ferguson was an excellent manager, but the greatest managers can be wrong sometimes.”

Since leaving Manchester United in 2012, Paul Pogba has gone on to establish himself as a football superstar with Italian giants, Juventus. The young Frenchman has really blossomed into one of the greatest young talents in the world of sport at the moment. His success with Juve made the matter even harder for Sir Alex and Manchester United to digest as they surely would have profited from the player’s services. But the rest as they say, is history, and Paul Pogba is one of the highest rated talents in the world of football, owned by Juventus and all United can do now is sit and wonder about what could have been.