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Ronaldo’s struggle to score goals a serious issue for Real Madrid?

Wikimedia: Jan Solo

Cristiano Ronaldo has now played two games with Real Madrid in the Liga BBVA and has struggled to score any goals, or create any assists. This has worried many Real Madrid fans, who are not used to seeing their greatest player have a goalless run, especially considering that CR7’s last goal for Real Madrid was 5 games ago, against Manchester City in a Pre-Season tournament.

This has made many Madridistas react in different ways, with some being worried with Ronaldo’s goalless run, and others counting his struggle only as a simple loss of form. A loss of form is something that Cristiano Ronaldo has already gone through during the latter half of the previous season. However, he gained his form back quickly and scored an impressive amount of hat-tricks for both his club and national team to end most of the criticisms surrounding him.

That brought good hope to Real Madrid fans who thought Cristiano Ronaldo would start the new season in top form and with high ambitions. So naturally, CR7’s lack of goals, were somewhat of a disappointment among the fans. And while many believe that it’s only a temporary loss of form affecting Cristiano Ronaldo’s game, some say that he is slowly having a decline as he is crossing through the age of 30.

A nightmarish age for many football players, who have lost some of their magic during this age.

However, I don’t think what they say is true. Cristiano Ronaldo has shown time and time again that he is a tireless man who is constantly training and trying to get better and reach his goals. So I would say that this is only a simple loss of form, even though he failed to score for Real Madrid in the last 5 games, and for Portugal in the friendly against France, he will come back on form and be the CR7 we know and love.

There is, however, no denying that age is a main factor that could affect any footballer’s game, but it would probably take a few more years for Cristiano Ronaldo to be truly affected by his age. Much of his goalless run could also be due to the extremely high standards and expectations that he has set for himself and the mental pressure that comes with it, but even 1 goal is enough for him to get back on track.

The answer to the question regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s struggle to score, would be that there is no answer. No one knows if CR7 will go back to his top form once again, or if this will be a start to his downward spiral. So we can only wait and see, as only time can tell us about the destiny of the legendary footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo.