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Strongest Liverpool Lineup: 4-3-1-2 – Benteke, Coutinho & Firmino form a deadly trio


The summer has been a busy one for Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool. The team sold Raheem Sterling to Manchester City last week but they also added a bunch of talented players highlighted by James Milner and Christian Benteke. With all the new talent on the team, Rodgers will have to find the best formation that highlights the skills of every player.

While Rodgers may decide to use a 4-3-3 formation to stretch opposing defenses, a 4-3-1-2 formation may actually be the best choice. It takes advantage of the talent that the midfield now has and it should fix the scoring issues the Reds had last season.


Even with Adam Bogdan in the squad, Simon Mignolet should remain the first choice goalkeeper for the team. He struggled at times last year but there was a brief period in the middle of the season where he racked up more than a few clean sheets.

From December to February, the defense was the strongest part of the team. With a more settled back line in front of him this season, Mignolet may finally prove himself worthy of being Liverpool’s long-term ‘keeper.


With both Glen Johnson and Javier Manquillo gone from the club, Nathaniel Clyne will be the undisputed right-back of the squad this year. While he hasn’t shined during the pre-season, it is obvious that he is slowly but surely getting used to playing with a bigger club.


Martin Skrtel will remain as the leader of the defense and he will start as many games as possible. As great a defender as he is, Skrtel also provides an aerial threat from corners than no one else on the team offers.

As the pre-season continues, Mamadou Sakho and Dejan Lovren will have to prove to Rodgers who among them will be the best partner for Skrtel. There is still a good chance that Rodgers will still primarily use Sakho for the most important matches. He is a better passer than Lovren and he has a little more pace, something that will complement the rather slow Skrtel well.


Alberto Moreno will still likely be the first choice left-back even though he wasn’t at his best for much of the 2014-15 season. His speed and crossing ability will be showcased now that he will have forwards who excel at winning aerial duels. However, if he struggles, Moreno may be replaced by the more experienced Jose Enrique or the young but extremely talented Joe Gomez.


The center of the pitch will almost definitely be the strongest part of the team next year. Emre Can, Milner and new captain, Jordan Henderson form a strong, hard-working and smart midfield who will be able to press the opponents relentlessly. All three are capable passers as well, giving the team great balance in all facets of the game.

In front of the three, Philippe Coutinho should relish the freedom he will have in the number 10 role. Coutinho was arguably Liverpool’s best player last year and he should be able to shine even more with better players such as Roberto Firmino behind and in front of him this coming season. The team will finally have some reliable strikers who will be able to finish the chances Coutinho will create.


With Daniel Sturridge unlikely to be ready for the first month or so of the season, Danny Ings and Benteke will be the main pairing Rodgers will turn to. Both have proven that they can score in the Premier League without much service but with a creative midfield behind them, they should be able to bag a lot go goals. Even though Benteke is used to playing without a partner, he is talented enough to find a way to work with another forward.



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  1. The manager has to use Lucas as a holding midfielder. No any other player better than him in that role.otherwise we are bound to swallow a good number of goals.emre can has not really performed to his best whenever he has bn played in that role.he needs to b introduced slowly to that role.no doubt he will b astar soon in that role
    Ibe is good but not yet fit to start a game.

  2. Mignolet
    Clyne – Skrtl – Sakho – Moreno
    Can DM
    Henderson RCM – Milner LCM
    RAM Firminio – Coutinho LAM
    Benteke ST

  3. Mignolet

    Clyne Skartel Sakho moreno

    Milner Hendo


    IBE BENTEKE Farminho

    Note- Milner and hendo need to stay bk to protect our defence and clyne and moreno need to bomb forward to give extra support to our attacking 4…

  4. I think we should play 4-2-1-3 formation..rb-clyne,cb-skartel and sakho,lb-moreno…holding midfield hendo and milner/Asir illermendi. No 10 Free role Coutinho, right wf Ibe/origi left wf farmino/lallana, st- benteke. It will give us holding midfielder to protect center bk and rest of them going forward…imagine moreno and clyne supporting attacking four player to make it six and these holding satying bk to protect centre bks

  5. May as well give Firmino back to Hofenhiem then since he’s not in the starting line up lol. I actually think ibe could be dangerous upfront





    • i think ibe isnt ready for regular playing. with 4-2-3-1, cou-firmino–lallana will be trio behind benteke/stu, two holding miedfield milner/can-hendo/lucas, say no to allen, ok, we have good balance, high hope for this season, ynwa

  6. Enrique as cover at right back?! Yikes!! I think cover at right back will be Wisdom’s place to lose. Enrique will either be left back on the physio’s bench or will move on if he ever regains 70% fitness.

    Also the second XI would work much better in a 4-2-3-1 formation.

  7. perhaps a 4-2-3-1 which features Clyne, Skrtel, Sakho, Moreno, Milner, Can, Hendo, Coutinho, Firmino, Lacazette or a fully fit Sturridge would be the perfect firing squad!!!

  8. perhaps a 4-2-3-1 which features Clyne, Skrtel, Sakho, Moreno, Milner, Can, Hendo, Coutinho, Firmino, Lacazette would be the perfect firing squad!!!

  9. Let’s not forget benteke and origi already have a bond in training with the belgium national team as well as game time.

  10. Appreciate two of the three comments so far. As for Firmino, he probably will be a massive player on the team for a long time, but he may not be a starter until a few weeks into the season. He will be adjusting to a new team, country and playing style and he doesn’t have the luxury of touring with the rest of the squad since he is resting from his tenure at the Copa America. Of course, by mid-season he could be an undisputed starter but he shouldn’t be rushed into the squad, let him get used to playing with his teammates during training. Rodgers has also mentioned that he could rotate the squad a lot more this season, the lineup on here may not be the weekly team, one week Firmino and Ings could be the pairing up front. The next week, Benteke could be the lone striker in a 4-3-3, nobody but Rodgers himself knows what the team will look like before we actually see it on the field.

    Also, the “4-2-1-2” mistake has been corrected to “4-3-1-2”

  11. Analysis was good up to the point of forward…not mentioned name of Firmino for once in total article!!?… did Rodgers spend that huge amount on him only to be ignored??? I dont think so…he is going to be a big part of our game next season,i believe.

  12. Firstly, a ‘4-2-1-2’ formation is a good formation when you have a player sent off but I’d rather start with 11 players.

    Secondly, do you really think we spent all that money on Firmino to just leave him on the bench?

    • It’s good to know that you can’t count Brendan!! It doesn’t fill me with confidence though!

      Secondly, yes. I can see a very good case for gradually introducing Firmino and thus starting him from the bench at first. Especially given that he’s missing the current pre-season tour.


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