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Manchester United planning to sell fan favourite


Manchester United are looking to offload Ander Herrera, according to reports from Tuttomercatoweb

Manchester United have most certainly strengthened their midfield significantly with the recent purchases of Bastian Schweinsteiger and Morgan Schneiderlin and after years of showing weakness, the Red Devils finally look formidable at the middle of the park.

The addition of Schweinsteiger and Schneiderlin as well as the presence of Michael Carrick, Marouane Fellaini, Ander Herrera, Juan Mata and Daley Blind means that United now boast a wealth of talent in midfield.

However, United now have no less than seven players vying for the spot at the middle of the park and while the Red Devils certainly require a lot of numbers due to the additional rigours of the Champions League during the upcoming campaign – a couple of the aforementioned midfielders will probably have to bide their time on the sidelines.

Herrera could be sold by United

As a result, it is expected that manager Louis van Gaal could offload one of the midfielders present in his ranks and according to reports from Tuttomercatoweb, it has been claimed that the Dutch manager will listen to offers for Ander Herrera.

Herrera enjoyed a decent first season at Old Trafford following his £28million move from Athletic but with the arrivals of Schweinsteiger and Schneiderlin, the Spaniard has now seemingly been pushed down the pecking order at the club.

Herrera is not short of admirers as the likes of Valencia and Atletico Madrid are interested in signing the midfielder and the reports from Italy claim that United could consider selling the Spaniard if a good offer comes along.

Herrera became a fan favourite at United with his energetic performances throughout the course of last season and his potential sale will certainly be an unpopular decision among the Red Devils’ faithful.



  1. Selling herera, could be the most stupid thing lvg is doing, herera played well last season leading man u to forth position, so pliz don’t don’t do that mistake.

  2. rumors can happen.but don’t think LVG will let go of the player who helped Manchester United to be part of the top four in the EPL…this will be the last thing that will stop me from supporting united .THANK YOU

  3. it’s a very bad decision to sell our best playmaker, y cant him sell evans, blacket, n buy 2 superb Central deffenders

  4. pls lvg,don’t try 2 do dat mistake u’re abt doing, cos u cannot compare Bastian & ander h.now due 2 age ok.remember last season fans favourite was ander & bring out man utd in 2 shame himself,mata & as well as marounne.pls try 2 sign Nichols otamendi.

  5. Plz LvG dnt just forget that fast,please recall our lineup against chelsea in the 2nd leg due to injury crises,dnt do tht mistake of underlooking our best players:herera n dimaria bcoz of new signings,wot f 7 players get injured at a time,f u offload thm,then we’l regret it.Even selling nani was a blunder.

  6. Honestly am not buying into this bit shit of rumour provided by dis futnsoccer site they are monumentally unreliable n to be precise I think they r retarded for coming up with dis kind of nonsensical write up, I bet they r trying there possible best to keep themselves in buss. So as nt to get pushed out. My great LVG also knws wht he’s doing he won’t dare it… Ko ni fe fi ata gungun le tiro now!!!(He won’t dare use red pepe as eye led)

  7. My honorable LVG, you are a well respectable coach with high reputations, why will you want to make a mistake that will tarnish your personality forever? Selling Herrera, Rafael and Di maria will tarnish your personality forever so don’t even think of it at all because these players are putting up their best as human to see the club on the apex level. Don’t forget that we are not only playing the EPL alone, we are playing may competitions next season so be careful on the choices of players you sell in case injury arises along the line. We love our players and we respect them too and we also love you LVG because you are a man of integrity so please let Herrera, Di maria, Rafael and De Gea to retain their stand in the club please.

  8. i dot tink lvg really knw wot he is doin….can he compare herrera age with dat of schwn…herrera stil has a long way to go and he has already proven himself to be…
    if u ever try dis lvg i wil neva be happy with manutd no matter who they sign…

  9. i think manutd are about to make mistake or perhaps should not even think abt such. u re winning the run for benteke and now u want to offload ….Ander Herrera…..the player of rare…qualities,so versatile..(who fit the bill in utd tradition)….a player of his age who gearred up the fighting spirit of manutd in 2014/2015. Have they forgotten so soon bcos of new acquisitions. Remember injury to one……make another a favourite. Dont ever think of it…….he was my best transfer business last season. Even with that,we should ave super- subs………

  10. Pls Van Gaal don’t even ever think to do such a mistake cos if u do I particular ll never forgive u why do u even think to do such buzz pls don’t ever try it Herrara is united hero pls n pls don’t

  11. That would be a folly considering how versatile he is… during the course of last season he showed verve, good off-the-ball movements and has a good eye for through-the-eye-of the needle passes (remember the first goal v liverpool at anfield).. he played carrick’s holding position vs chelsea away.. had aa fairly good game controlling the tempo aside from 2 incidents where hazard was not tracked for the goal..and another miss hit pass in the 2nd half.. he can also play further forward in the mata position.. versatility is what u need ..and he gives us that.. hope its just a rumour…

  12. I don,t think lvg nows what his doing at all*!!!*after all what herrera has done for this man he still want to sell him cos of the new signing,the two sch……and for di-maria he should not sell him yet maybe he should give him another season,if he did,nt perform well ‘”he can go hahead and sell him out or long term loan***united for live

  13. Pls Sir V. Gaal u don’t have to sell our lovely star Herrera b’cuz selling of a great star like him is agreat mistake and u will regret that

  14. i dnt fink LVG should sell d fans favourite player ANDER HERRERA…dat guy is so supressing a good controler of d pack…d best signing as of last season no other signing played fine as him…LVG i fink u should fink wisely before selling..likewise dat of di maria..maria we cum to his best dis season,if u sell u might regret it…am a fan of HERRERA and MARIA..pls LVG dnt sell dis two guys most especially d fans favourite HERRERA if not u might loose fans i promise u dat…utd forever

  15. It will not be very wise decision to off load Herrera just after one year of very good performance. LVG found it extremely difficult to find suitable players in the midfield due so many injuries and loss of forms. At that time, Herrera took the position and played superbly. LVG will have to consider those aspects in the current season also. Herrera is young and has got the fighting quality. He will be an asset of the club in future.


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