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The Things Real Madrid Must do Before July 10th

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Real Madrid’s favorite New Years’ resolution is solving all signings and departures before the preseason stars. However, like all January 1st promises, they are rarely achieved. This summer it seems like it will fail to be materialized once again, despite the arrival of meticulous and strict manager Rafa Benítez. These are some of the things the club must do before the preseason kickoff on July 10th.

Solve the Sergio Ramos issue

The 29-year-old defender has been the main subject in all sports media since the season ended. His goal in Lisbon earned him a supposed promise from president Florentino Pérez that he would become one of the top paid players. Nevertheless, a year later there isn’t any sign that an agreement is close.

This long wait has made the situation very tense, with Ramos using the press to send subliminal messages. It’s been assured this week that the player has decided to leave the club and has asked Real to listen to offers. If this actually happens, they need to speed up if they want to complete a transfer and sign his replacement before July 10th.

Make a decision about the goalkeepers

Iker Casillas has been on his way out for a while. He continues to state that he wants to retire here, yet it seems his wishes might not become true. There has been speculation about a conversation between Benítez and Casillas. In that talk, the coach would have told the captain that he’s not part of his plans for this new project.

On the other hand, David De Gea was assumed a done deal, but nothing has been confirmed at the time of writing. Whatever Los Blancos decide to do, everyone involved deserves to have an answer soon. Keylor Navas hopes to stay at the club, still he can’t be here if the #1 fails to leave and De Gea arrives. Overall, it’s a huge mess with too many parts involved.

The future of the midfield and the attack

Casemiro was brought back, Lucas Silva is still here and Illarramendi is as well. In addition, Lucas Vázquez suggested signing is causing an overflow of midfielders. That isn’t exactly bad, yet they can’t all stay and get the playing time they hope. Some of those men are even rumored to be on the way out because of their lack of preparation to do well here.

The midfield isn’t the only headache, as Chicharito remains a Madrid employee at the moment. If he leaves, will there be a substitute in line for the long season ahead? Jesé’s mediocre year isn’t something to write home about, so the club needs to determine if they give him another shot or hope for a loan or sale.

All in all, this is just some of the homework Benítez and Florentino Pérez have to finish soon. There are a few more decisions to make and it seems that the July 10th deadline won’t be met.

Atlético Madrid and Barça have already made interesting movements this summer and that doesn’t look well on a trophy-less Real Madrid. Making the deadline is about much more than simply keeping a promise, it’s about starting the new season the right way.