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Arsenal star slams Wenger – Plotting his exit from Arsenal?

Rosicky Arsenal
Wikimedia: Ronnie Macdonald

Tomas Rosicky has made his unhappiness clear regarding his place in the team. Arsenal recently triggered an automatic extension written into Rosicky’s contract and it seems that this decision was made without approval from the Czech captain.

Speaking ahead of Czech Republic’s European Championship Qualifying match against Iceland, Rosicky voiced his displeasure with his current situation.

“Since the coach activated the option (to extend his contract), I haven’t even been on the bench. I am laughing but it´s not funny. It´s frustrating but I am a professional. Even if you lose your place, you must be still prepared because the situation can change.”

When asked about whether a resolution with Arsene Wenger was possible and if there was mutual interest between him and Sparta Prague (his boyhood club), Rosicky responded bluntly.

“Manager Wenger told me in March he wouldn’t let me leave. My plan right now? I will start the pre-season at Arsenal. There is a long-term interest but right now it doesn’t matter.”

It was notable that during the celebrations at Wembley after the FA Cup Final, Rosicky looked less enthusiastic and slightly detached from the rest of the squad.

If Tomas Rosicky is truly unhappy, Arsenal should let him leave. His comments paint a picture of a thoroughly displeased player and it would be unfortunate to see Rosicky leave Arsenal with a poor taste in his mouth.

Rosicky signed for Arsenal in 2006 from Borussia Dortmund and is the clubs longest serving player in the current squad. He shares a special bond with the club and its fans but at the age of 34 it’s understandable for him to want regular first team football. He could do extremely well with a club like Sparta Prague and he would easily be one of the best players in the MLS if that were an option as well.

Rosicky made 24 appearances this season, starting only eight of those. When he played this year he showed that he still has the energy and pace to compete at a very high level. He is the clubs most intelligent player and an excellent leader both on and off the pitch. His nickname is Little Mozart for a reason.

You can find the full transcript of the interview here thanks to @martykantor.