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Club America vs Pachuca Liga MX ‘Cuartos de Final’– May 16, 2015: TV Schedule, Preview & Prediction

America vs Pachuca 2018
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The Club America vs Pachuca second leg match of the Liga MX quarter finals will take place this Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 3:00 PM Pacific. Pachuca won the first leg at the Estadio Hidalgo by a score of 3-2, and will need to avoid defeat at the Estadio Azteca in order to remain alive in the Liga MX Liguilla.

Club America would move on with any victory where Pachuca scores less than 2 goals, for example, 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, etc. America will be forced to look for the result, as a draw and certainly a loss, would knock the team out of the tournament. As a reminder of Liga MX’s peculiar rules, a 3-2 score in favor of America would award the win to America, although the away goals would deem it a draw, in case of an away goal draw, the Liga MX awards the win to the higher seeded team.

Pachuca showed a great capacity on the attack in the first leg of this playoff, scoring three important goals. However, America has shown over and over again throughout the season that they will allow the opposing squad to attack almost at will. Matosas’ unbalanced, attacking formations allowed Pachuca plenty of attacking opportunities.

However, America possesses quite a powerful attack as well, with Benedetto and Peralta leading the offense. Furthermore, America has shown in the CONCACAF Champions League that they are more than capable of coming back from an adverse first leg. In the semifinals against Herediano, America lost 3-0, only to come back to the Azteca and squash the Costa Rican rival, thus assuring a spot in the final. In the CCL Final, America drew 1-1 at home, but came back in the second leg to win the tournament.

Club America vs Pachuca Prediction

The Club America vs Pachuca second leg at the Estadio Azteca should once again show plenty of goals. Matosas will stay true to his style and attack from the get-go, and I don’t see Pachuca falling back, they will also attack. America has shown that they can come back from a bad result in the first leg, and that is exactly what they will do against Pachuca. The final score in the second leg of the Club America vs Pachuca series will be a 3-1 win for America.

Club America vs Pachuca TV Schedule

The Club America vs Pachuca match will be televised on Univision at 3:00 PM Pacific, on Saturday at 3:00 PM Pacific.