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Arsenal – Let’s All Laugh at Tottenham


Surely everyone can agree that the most satisfying element of supporting a team is seeing them achieve success. But not far behind the joy one can feel when your rivals fails. In recent history, Tottenham has supplied Arsenal supporters with many great moments. In honor of April Fool’s Day, it is only appropriate to reminisce.

Lasagna Wooaahhh Lasanga Woaahhh

Entering the final weekend of the 2005-2006 season, Tottenham led Arsenal in the race for 4th place by a single point. Tottenham were due to play West Ham at Upton Park, while Arsenal would be up against Wigan in what would be their last ever match at Highbury. With their destiny in their own hands, Spurs entered the match needing only to match Arsenal’s result to claim superiority.

The night before the match, which was no different than any other, would end in disaster. Edgar Davids, Teemu Tainio, Michael Dawson, Aaron Lennon, Radek Cerny, Robby Keane and Michael Carrick, all fell ill from what they claimed was a bad batch of lasagna. Their sickness was to such a degree that Tottenham attempted to postpone the game. Their pleas with the Premier League fell on deaf ears and they were forced to play the game with 10 sick players.

The end result was a 2-1 loss to West Ham, while at Highbury, a memorable Theirry Henry hat trick secured a 4-2 victory for Arsenal. Arsenal reclaimed 4th place and spot in the Champions League.

The day was meant to be a turning point for Tottenham who had not finished above Arsenal for 11 years. The big lights of the Champions League were beckoning, yet they were left to wonder, “What if we had ordered the chicken?”

Arsenal supporters have not let Tottenham forget their misfortune and have created a song in their honor.

Tottenham fans celebrate a non-existent Newcastle equalizer

Arsenal entered the final day of the 2012-2013 season, 1 point ahead of Tottenham, where yet again 4th place and a Champions League place on the line. Arsenal fans had already taken much joy from Tottenham’s epic collapse. In early March, Tottenham had beaten Arsenal to go 7 points clear of their North London rivals.

On the final day of the season, Spurs needed to beat Sunderland at home and hope that Arsenal dropped points away at Newcastle. In what can only be described as a nervy afternoon for all involved, both sides won their respective matches, which gave Arsenal the all-important 4th spot.

The cherry on top for Arsenal fans were the scenes from White Hart Lane when the Spurs faithful got news of a Newcastle equalizer.

There was no Newcastle goal and no joy at White Hart Lane as Tottenham again missed out on the Champions League. If it must be known, there is a small part of me that really enjoys that video.

Spurs get a draw, Arsenal win the Title

All Arsenal fans will know that the Gunners officially clinched the 2003-2004 Premier League title away at White Hart Lane. The Gunners only needed a point on the day to secure the league, and that is exactly what they got.

Arsenal stormed out to a 2 goal lead after a couple of quintessential goals from Patrick Vieria and Robert Pires. But the manner in which Tottenham tied the game left Spurs supporters jubilant. A late Robbie Keane penalty, complete with an unnecessary cartwheel, sent White Hart Lane alight.

The home support seemed to forget what the overall result meant, and moments after Spurs supporters finished celebrating an irrelevant equalizer, the away section began to celebrate their league championship which completed silenced the home crowd.

Happy April Fool’s Day to Arsenal fans worldwide!



  1. What a pointless boring red rose tinted glasses waste of time article. What are you 12 years old ? Yes Arsenal have been far more succesful than Spurs for a good few years now, no Spurs fan would dispute that and Arsenal are arguably the best footballing team in the Prem when they are on fire, but you wanna laugh ? Nayim from the halfway line, League Cup Final’s 1988 Luton / 2011 Birmingham at Wembley, Bradford on penalties, I could go on and on, why just a few weeks ago Arsenal 1 – 3 Monaco was an absolute belly laugh, What was it Mourinho called you recently SPECIALISTS IN FAILURE, ha ha now that is funny, Happy April Fools Knucklehead.

    • Mavrik,
      I’m not sure how pointless the article was because I think the point of this piece was not lost on you, whether you are willing to admit that or not. Regardless of the fact that this is clearly a biased piece and we do not support the same team, you have quickly been able to list a number of events which at the expense of Arsenal, are very much hysterical and ridiculous. And ultimately that is the point, every fan can point to a number of events which brings a smile to their face because it has negatively impacted a rival. Every team and fan group has their moments and every year the list grows. This banter between groups plays a large part in the entertainment and atmosphere which makes the sport different from all others.
      I appreciate you contributing a relevant comment.

      • Matt.

        Yeah good point, you are correct, i did state it was a pointless article yet i was bloody annoyed enough to reply !! It is something within every football fan that you feel compelled to defend your team ( your baby if you like ) when you feel they have been attacked & ridiculed, As the years go on i am sure you will have enough Spurs disasters to fill another article ( in fact i am positive you will )and no doubt i will reply with another list of Arsenal blow ups too. Thats football i suppose, its tribal and why we all Love / Hate it.

  2. Hahahah the worse that Arsenal get the more they turn on Spuds. As a Chelsea fan I love to mock you both. Spurs have always been shit and Arsenal are happy with Fourth every year. Jokers

    • Where were you when you were shut then you clueless muppet.. Your team is a play thing of an oligarch who steals money from his own people and your captain is a racist who’s mum steals from telcos and who’s dad is a drug dealer.

      You can’t buy class


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