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HUGE BLOW for Arsenal as Superstar Offers Himself to Real Madrid

According to FIFA Agent François Gallardo, Edinson Cavani  has offered himself to Real Madrid. The Parisian club is pursuing Karim Benzema, while the Uruguayan is desperate for a move out of the Parc des Princes as soon as possible. This would benefit all parts, despite being separate transactions.

The South American star arrived to the Ligue 1 champions in 2013 for a transfer fee of 64.5 million euros. He was promised an important role in the team, yet the spotlight and weight of the team has been given to others, like Zlatan Ibrahimović. In hopes of winning European titles and a change of scenery, he would do anything to leave.

Despite his subpar form this season, he’s still a very valuable and desirable player. There’s been talks about moves to the Premier League, back to the Serie A and now La Liga. Regardless of his desperation to leave, Real Madrid have rejected his proposal. However, should any members of the BBC leave, they would consider listening.

Cavani would bring a different style of play to Madrid’s attack. The 27-year-old is more of a classic striker and is less prone to combining with teammates than Benzema. Nevertheless, he’s a clinical finisher that holds the ball very well, and is a true aerial threat. His arrival would force the wingers to feed him more often.

This move would be very unlikely, since Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema have stated over and over again how happy they are at the club. Although you never know in football, it seems Real would go for other options before rearranging their style to fit the Uruguayan. In addition, he’s the same age as Benzema.

Florentino Pérez’s new philosophy of buying established younger players would conflict with Cavani’s arrival. Therefore, we’ll have to wait until summer and see what kind of domino puzzles move around before we see Edinson wearing the all-white uniform.