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UPDATE: Liverpool target will leave Barcelona in January for certain

As I reported here last month, it seems Barça’s full-back, Martin Montoya, is getting closer to exiting Camp Nou next month. It is obvious that the Brazilian, Dani Alves, has a firm grip on that spot, despite having past his prime. Montoya was given another opportunity to prove his worth during last week’s match against Huesca but gave a dismal performance.

Montoya was said to have spoken with Barça Manager Luis Enrique about his frustrations but feels he has no chance of displacing Alves. His agent, Juan de Dios Carrasco, was quoted in the media this week saying, “100% Montoya will leave” during the upcoming transfer window. He continued, “Right now we just have to find the best club for Martin’s progression.”

The front runner continues to be Liverpool, in order to replace Glen Johnson (again as reported here last month). The Mirror reported Carrasco is hinting that a deal is already in the works.

Barça right now has Montoya and Douglas in the wings behind Alves. While their FIFA issued transfer ban looms over them, it remains a bad move to let Montoya go so easily, even if he is not quite fitting at the moment.

FC Barcelona presented their final appeal against the transfer ban Friday, before the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS). CAS has stated they will publish their verdict prior to the end of the year, allowing time for Barça to handle business.

If Montoya is able to leave, lets hope for Barça’s sake they win their appeal!