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Liga MX Teams Tigres, Atlas and Morelia Know Copa Libertadores 2015 Destiny

The Mexican teams that earned a spot in the Copa Libertadores 2015 now know who they will face in the upcoming Libertadores. Tigres, Atlas, and Morelia will all represent Mexico in the Copa Libertadores 2015, and Mexican fans should be excited to see these teams try to accomplish what no Mexican team has before, win the historic South American competition.

Tigres earned a berth in the prestigious South American tournament by finishing in second place in the regular standings of the Apertura 2014. Tigres will sit in Group 6, where they will face River Plate from Argentina, San Jose from Bolivia, and a yet to be defined Peruvian team. A relatively easy group that Tigres should be able to navigate, unless Tuca decides to once again ignore this international competition (he has a long history of failing purposely in international tournaments).

You can learn more about Group 6 and the South American competition from this list of reviews from GamblingSites.com. Atlas earned their spot in Group 1 of the Libertadores by finishing in third place in the Apertura 2014 tournament. They will face Colo Colo from Chile, a team from Brazil and a team from Colombia, both whose names we will know once their tournaments end. Depending on the draw, this could be a very difficult group for the Guadalajara team.

Finally, Morelia, the worst team in the Apertura 2014, earned the last Mexican spot in the Libertadores via the Copa MX, where they won the Copa MX Super Final that awards the coveted Libertadores spot. Morelia must first face The Strongest from Bolivia. If Morelia wins the home and away series, it would move on to Group 4, where it would face Emelec (Ecuador), and yet to be named teams from Brazil and Chile.

WIll this finally be the year a Mexican team wins the Copa Libertadores? Unlikely. Morelia is a complete mess of a team, and it would be a huge surprise if they can turn it around by February, when they must play The Strongest. Atlas is a good team, but they will face stiff competition in their group. Tigres definitely has the talent, but coach Tuca is known for blowing off international tournaments. A shame if he does so again, as his prestigious domestic league career is tarnished by his failure at the international level.