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Liverpool vs West Brom- Team News, Prediction and TV Schedule

Wikimedia: Helen Bromley

The upcoming match between Liverpool and West Brom is a must-win for Liverpool. At this point in the season, Liverpool desperately need to start winning and racking up points to be even near the top teams of the Premier League. Chelsea, Southampton and Manchester City are a ways ahead in the table and Liverpool could be slipping down further with the way they are playing. West Brom, on the other hand, are having a great season compared to previous ones.

Liverpool Team News

At the beginning of the season, the expectations for Liverpool were pretty high. Many people did not expect them to win the league,but critics expected the team to fare pretty good in the league. However, so far almost the exact opposite has been taking place. The team is currently in 14th place and there are yet to be signs of improvement. There is currently a lot of pressure on Brendan Rodgers’ and his team to greatly improve in the upcoming games. After all, having 2 wins and 3 losses in the season so far is disappointing. Liverpool desperately need to win the upcoming fixtures to lift themselves closer to at least the top 3 in the standings.

Their recent games have shown the struggle that the team has had throughout this season. In regards to Champions League, Liverpool lost to FC Basel 1-0. The team played poor football throughout the match but to their credit, FC Basel was playing their top level football. Additionally, the team has lost games against West Ham United and Aston Villa in the Premier League. Fans around the world have been questioning and criticizing the team’s performances so far and they hope that the team will improve. One thing we know for sure is that there are a multitude of factors affecting the team’s performances.

West Bromwich Team News

So far, West Bromwich has been having a great season. The team has won 3 consecutive matches and things seem to be clicking for them. West Brom recorded its third consecutive win after defeating Burnley 4-0. With this impressive run, West Brom will be carrying a lot of momentum against Liverpool. Out of their 4 recent matches against Liverpool, West Brom have won 3 of those matches. Looking into this match, Liverpool almost seem to be the underdogs due to their poor performances so far this season.


The fixture between Liverpool and West Brom this Saturday will be important because it will create a clearer picture of how things will be like for the teams in the future. Liverpool are currently in a slump and West Brom are soaring above expectations. Both teams will definitely be hungry for a win, and three points would bring a lot of motivation for the winning team. Although Liverpool seem like the better team on paper, West Brom will most likely end up winning this match 2-1. Liverpool have not been close to their finest lately and another disappointing performance could be expected this Saturday.

TV Schedule

The Liverpool vs West Brom match at Anfield will be televised this Saturday on NBCS and mun2 at 7:00 A.M (PST).