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Champions League Analysis: Arsenal’s Group D and Manchester City’s Group E


Group D contains Arsenal, which will once again face Dortmund in the group stages. Manchester City will have to face Bayern Munich in Group E for a consecutive year. Both English clubs face challenges to move on to the next stage.

Group D: Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Galatasaray, and Anderlecht

Arsenal and Dortmund. Dortmund and Arsenal. This is slowly building into a Champions League rivalry, if it isn’t already. These two will most likely battle for the first position in Group D. Overall, Arsenal seemed to have a had a somewhat successful transfer window. Yet, the Gooners’ start to the Premier League has not gone as planned.

Jurgen Klopp has built quite a team. Dortmund have overcome issues and should be ready to compete this season for the final (even with the loss of Robert Lewandowski). Last season, Arsenal withstood the German club. This season might not go the same.

Although Cesare Prandelli is tactically interesting, Galatasaray will need time to accustom to his football philosophy. He enjoys making his teams play a variety of formations, and we must see if this will fit for the Turkish club. It is difficult to imagine Galatasaray beating Arsenal and Dortmund on to the next phase. They will battle strongly, but it will not be enough. Who knows, Arsenal enjoy disappointing their fan base.

And not much can be said about Anderlecht. The English club should have no problem beating Anderlecht. Arsenal must secure six points out of six from Anderlecht.

Group E: Bayern Munich, Manchester City, CSKA Moscow, and Roma

Manchester City have a pretty strong group to face. Once again, Manchester City will have to put up with the German giants, Bayern Munich. As usual, Bayern Munich are favorites to win the group, and Manchester City cannot be thrilled to be considered only second best in their groups.

Along the way, the 2014 Premier League champions will match up against Roma– after a few years of absence from the top European Competition. The excitement of seeing Francesco Totti back in the Champions League brings euphoria. Italian clubs are known for their creativity with tactics; Manchester City will have to be careful with them. Let’s be fair. English clubs usually maintain one strategy.

Now, CSKA Moscow will not be an issue for Manchester City, possibly. City are not a club known to be threatening in the Champions League. However, every club has a moment to shine, right? Either way, Moscow will be lucky enough to finish the group stage with a win.

Do you have thoughts on either of these groups. Who will be the club to astonish the world, if any come from these two groups?