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Tottenham vs Liverpool – August 31, 2014 Preview, Prediction, and TV Schedule

Wikimedia: Joschkajaeger

The Tottenham vs Liverpool match will take place this Sunday, August 31, 2014 (5:30 AM Pacific) at White Hart Lane. In the past week, Manchester City defeated Liverpool 3-1 with great counterattacking schemes that picked Liverpool’s defense apart slowly. Lastly, Tottenham Hotspur had no trouble defeating QPR with a score of 4-0. This Sunday, Tottenham and Liverpool have the ingredients necessary to provide the fans with one of the best matches during Week 3 of the young season.

Liverpool Team News

In Week 2 of the Premier League, Liverpool barely got away from a shutout against Manchester City. With an own goal by Pablo Zabaleta, Liverpool was not as effective as some pundits thought they would be in that match. Manchester City seemed to chip off the Reds’ defense slowly and in the end, it resulted with three goals by City. On the other hand, Liverpool’s offense wasn’t too fluid and there seemed to be few clear chances when they were attacking from inside the box. But for now, Liverpool should focus on their next match against the Spurs, which will prove to be a good opponent.

If Balotelli manages to start for the team this upcoming Sunday against Tottenham, we might see a more dangerous presence inside the box and he might even be able to generate a goal. Their most recent match against City should be taken with a grain of salt for the moment. After all, the Reds’ had a below average start to their season last year.

One more thing that Liverpool fans around the world will be excited about is Champions League football. After a long wait, they will finally be able to play against Europe’s top teams and showcase what they are made of. Their recent group draw was a bit favorable since they were drafted with Real Madrid, FC Basel and Ludogorets. The most challenging of those teams will certainly be Real Madrid, but it will surely prove to be a great showcase from both teams.

Tottenham Team News

Entering this season, Tottenham have a relatively young squad with a lot of potential. Although they tend to transfer a lot of their players away, the Spurs tend to have a good team almost yearly. Their latest match against QPR demonstrated that the Spurs’ squad is more than capable of being a threat to any team in the Premier League. With veterans such as Hugo Lloris, Paulinho, Roberto Soldado, and Aaron Lennon, the Spurs have a formidable and experienced squad. After defeating West Ham United 1-0 and defeating QPR by 4 goals, the Spurs are deserving of the top spot of the Premier League table. One can only wait and see if they manage to stay at the summit of the league for the large remainder of the season.

Tottenham vs Liverpool Prediction

Liverpool has been recently struggling to find its rhythm in these early games. Much like last season, we can expect a change on the team to occur within the next couple of weeks. After winning their first game and losing their second game by two goals, the Reds’ will need to make a good statement in the upcoming match.

On the other hand, the Spurs are on a hot streak and could continue this form for a couple more games if given the chance. Playing against a strong team such as Liverpool gives them a chance at making a statement as well. We can expect a 1-1 tie in the upcoming match between these two, with both teams wanting to desperately acquire the three points.

Tottenham vs Liverpool TV Schedule

The Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur will take place at White Hart Lane and the match will be televised this Sunday, August 31, at 5:30 AM (PST) on NBCSN and mun2.