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Two Teams bid £15million for Manchester United Fan Favorite

Chicharito Manchester United
Wikimedia: Jon Candy

Louis van Gaal may not want the striker. But according to The Guardian, not one, but two teams made bids for the Mexican International striker– Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. Considering how trustworthy The Guardian can be, I think these rumors are strong (8 out of 10).

For a fan of the Mexican striker, this is great news. His time at Manchester United began brightly. In Hernandez’s first season as a Manchester United player, Chicharito finished the 2011-2012 season with 20 official goals. 13 of those 20 goals were in the Premiership. Slowly throughout the season, Chicharito became known as a “super sub” since it seemed that every time he came on, he scored.

The following two seasons, Chicharito sustained a decent scoring record of 30 goals (20 of them scored in the Premier League). At times, these goals came when Manchester United needed it most. For example, Chicharito scored a brace against Aston Villa when down 2-0 on 10 November 2012. The game finished 3-2 in favor of United. All goals were created or scored by the Mexican striker. He has had bigger games where his goals have counted most; however, this is most memorable to me since Chichairto almost ended with a hat-trick.

Chicharito gained the trust of Manchester United faithfuls. Some do not wish to see him leave and hope he gets playing time. Other fans want him to leave only because they know Hernandez deserves to play. Unless Sir Alex Ferguson comes back to manage, Chicharito will not be getting much playing time. We saw it from David Moyes, and now we see it from Louis van Gaal. Only Ferguson saw the talent in the striker.

Now Valencia and Juventus have made bids between 12 million and 15 million pounds. In all seriousness, I am surprised Juventus are after the Mexican striker. Not that he cannot play there, but the club is not in need of another striker. Yet, going to the Italian league benefits Chicharito’s style of player. He’s a pure 9 poacher– someone who sits in the 18 waiting for the opportunity to score. Thus far, it has worked well for Llorente, and can work well for Chicharito. The problem remains. Juve already have strikers. Chicharito cannot be promised a huge amount of playing time. His improvement of the club would only be a 4 out of 10. I think there is only a 50% chance of this happening.

Nevertheless, there is a second option. Valencia are in serious need of a striker, whether for depth or starter. There is no doubt that Chicharito would have more playing time in La Liga than Serie A. They play a 4-2-3-1 formation, which is a fit for Hernandez. He can regain form in La Liga, and win a starting role– improving the squad (7 out of 10). I think there is a 70% chance of him going to Valencia if Javier Hernandez studies his options well. And that is most important for his dipping career (especially if he wants to be called up for Mexico’s national team.)