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Four Players that will have a shot at Replacing Giroud at Arsenal

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With Olivier Giroud out with an injury until January, Wenger finds himself in need of finding a replacement. Acquiring a striker in the last days of the Summer transfer market would be a solid option, however, in the most Wenger like scenario, he will choose to not turn to the transfer market, and just make do with what he’s got. Here are the options already available to Wenger.

While Theo Walcott certainly has the talent and experience playing through the middle, he is inconsistent at times, and really shows his worth when playing out wide. Same can be said of Alexis Sanchez, who didn’t impress in the role against Everton on Saturday (although he had a good game against Besiktas).

Joel Campbell has yet to get his chance at forward, but this could give him his shot. Arsenal fans can only hope that the World Cup sensation can pan out in London, and be Arsenal’s savior this season. 

Yaya Sanogo has shown that he can convert in the Emirates cup, but hasn’t shown much else. While Gunner fans would love for Arsene Wenger’s project to come together, it is hard to imagine this season, as he is wildly inconsistent. He is finding himself in great situations more and more often, but is just having trouble finding the back of the net. 

Lucas Podolski, the hottest name in Arsenal news over the past day or so, is back with the club after a flurry of transfer rumors. Wenger has said on Tuesday that Podolski won’t be going anywhere, and is with the squad in training currently.

While Giroud’s injury would obviously seem like the reason Podolski is staying, as rumors were strong, he could capture Gunner hearts everywhere with a goal-heavy 2014-2015 campaign. He has always been a fan favorite for his personality, but can be on the pitch with a strong performance he was always expected to have. While Podolski has had great success in Germany and the Bundesliga, he has yet to prove anything outside of that, and this season could be his last opportunity.