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Three Players Arsenal Could Sign to Replace Giroud [Transfer Analysis]


As if Arsenal’s striker worries couldn’t be more prevalent, Oliver Giroud Is feared to have suffered a broken ankle in the last minutes of the Everton game last weekend. Giroud has already shown his bad side this month, and Arsenal fans were in a worry before this even worse news broke. With Giroud in poor form, Wenger gave Alexis the start at the forward role, and was withdrawn at halftime due to ineffectiveness, which wasn’t to fans’ liking. As Giroud showed his worth and netted a late equalizer, the injury sustained is essentially shutting down Arsenal’s only proven forward for some time to come.

While Giroud wont have much to do over the next few months, Arsenal will, and Arsene Wenger needs to address the situation immediately. In a press interview Tuesday, Wenger was insistent Ththat him and Arsenal were focused solely on Besiktas and that he would talk more about it afterwards. With the transfer window coming to an end, something has to be done soon, but I’m sure Arsene is well aware of that. Here’s a look at some possible options for Wenger to go with:

Loic Remy

Remy and Arsenal were a hot rumor at the beginning of the summer window, but fizzled out over time. With Arsenal now desperate for help, Wenger could return again to negotiations over the Queens Park man, who would only cost around 9 million Euros. The Frenchman, who’s at a prime age of 27, could be an adequate replacement for Giroud, as he netted 14 goals in 26 appearances while on loan at Newcastle last season. Remy, though, is said to be demanding a high weekly salary, an issue that could see this deal fall through the cracks.

Edinson Cavani

Signing Cavani would be a very un-Wenger like move, as he carries a 50 million price tag from Paris Saint Germain. He, though, would be the blockbuster signing that Arsenal fans have been waiting for since Robin van Persie was allowed to leave. Cavani is undoubtedly a world-class talent, and one that is not on top of the depth chart, as PSG prefers Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which has said to leave Cavani unhappy.

While Arsenal has players from within that could play the role, none besides Giroud are prototypical lone strikers, something that Cavani definitely is. Whether at Napoli, PSG, or playing for Uruguay, Cavani has shown he has loads of talent and can score a goal at any time. He would be a signing that would take Arsenal to the next level, and leave them in serious title contention for years to come.

Danny Welbeck

The Manchester United man has shown to be unhappy lately, as he is recently finding himself on the bench more than on the pitch. Robin van Persie is no doubt the starter, while Rooney and now Di Maria will push forward also. Welbeck may look for a move away from the Red Devils, and right into Arsene Wenger’s gracious open arms. Wenger has shown his interest in young English talents, and Welbeck is just that.

At 23 years of age, and not expected to carry a huge price tag like Cavani, Welbeck could be the perfect fit in a needy Arsenal side. He could even prove to be very effective playing alongside Giroud when the time comes, as he is very good technically, although pairing two forwards is something that Wenger doesn’t typically like to do. Arsenal also have a very technical midfield though in Ozeil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott, Chamberlain, and Alexis, who could all help Welbeck gain his composure and maturity. He wasn’t played right a lot at Manchester, and his finishing at times showed that, but with the right system could really flourish into a top striker.