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Spanish Super Cup- Atlético Madrid (1) vs Real Madrid (0): Player Ratings

Atletico Madrid
Wikimedia/Derick Leony

The first official title of the Spanish season has concluded. Congratulations are in order to Atlético Madrid, who continue to show everyone that their passion can bring a lot of success. They were overall the dominant force of the tournament. Very strong in defense and effective in attack. It’s obvious that they will continue to fight neck-to-neck with the big two. On the other hand, Real paid their mistake in the first leg, and Ancelotti’s mistakes in the second one. The Italian coach needs to work on a lot of things. Overall, poor tournament from Los Blancos, who will make their La Liga debut on Monday against Córdoba. Let’s take a look at how each player performed.

GK, Iker Casillas: 5/10

One save in the first half, yet he could’ve done more in Mandžukić’s goal. Didn’t do a whole lot in the second half. His mistakes are something to consider.

DEF, Dani Carvajal: 6/10

Great first half, strong resource in attack and solid in defense. Same level in the second half, good when attacking and in defense. He absolutely deserves the regular starting role.

DEF, Raphaël Varane: 4.5/10

Same as Ramos in the first half. Poor showing. Continued on that line in the second half. If he expects to play regularly, he needs to do more.

DEF, Sergio Ramos: 4.5/10

Lack of concentration in the first half, we’re already used to his poor season beginnings. Identical second half, a lot more is expected from him.

DEF, Fábio Coentrão: 5/10

Fair first half, made a few mistakes here and there. He declined in the second half and gave his spot to Marcelo.

MID, Luka Modrić: 6/10

His hard work didn’t pay off. The best out of a poor midfield. He was sent off near the end.

MID, Xabi Alonso: 5/10

Great first half, stopping Atleti from reaching the unfocused center-backs. He received a yellow card early in the second half. His defensive tasks suffered because of it. His creativity has alarmingly declined.

MID, Toni Kroos: 5/10

Discreet first half, recovering balls, yet lacking creativity. He was taken out at half-time.

ATT, Gareth Bale: 4.5/10

Low-key first half, he worked well with James, but he should’ve done more. Almost non-existent in the second half. When Ronaldo’s missing, he needs to be the leader.

ATT, Karim Benzema: 4/10

Poor first half, only had one chance and the rest of the time he was absent. Stayed the same in the second half, he couldn’t do anything against the tight defense.

ATT, James Rodríguez: 6.5/10

Great first half, providing great passes and almost scoring a few times. Kept the same intensity in the second half, but was taken out for an inexplicable reason. The best on an overall poor team.


DEF, Marcelo: 4/10

Made simple mistakes and didn’t provide anything different.

MID, Isco: 4/10

The team was already declining and he couldn’t replicate James’ good performance.

ATT, Cristiano Ronaldo: 4/10

It’s clear that he’s not fit, he shouldn’t have played. He didn’t provide anything apart from one predictable shot.