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Roma Set To Take a Chance on €50m Chelsea Flop

Wikimedia - Christopher Johnson

Chelsea fans everywhere should hold their breath, as a 50 million pound striker (well, that’s what he was once valued at) could leave for Roma. Fernando Torres, a player who seems to not be able to score even if the goal were 20 feet wide, is being linked with the Italian side. Apparently, it is rumored Mattias Destro could go the other way, but according to several sources, Destro’s agent has told the Associated Press he’s not going anywhere.

Since Destro’s not going anywhere, this move would not strengthen a squad that already has more than enough forwards. Juan Iturbe, Adam Ljajic, Francesco Totti, Gervinho, and Antonio Sanabria and Mattias Destro all already have made a claim to be starters for Roma, and although some of them haven’t proved it yet, all of them are better than Torres. Who knows, maybe the Spaniard will pull a Gervinho– known for not being able to finish from 3 yards away in the Premier League, but one of the best goalscorers in the Serie A.

However, Roma should focus on developing the youngsters such as Sanabria and Iturbe, as they are likely to have a big future with Roma. Torres could be a good addition to the squad, but will likely not start ahead of Ljajic, Totti, Gervinho, or Destro. If this move happens, it will barely strengthen Roma, only by a 3 out of 10, and the chances of this happening may be the same as the chances this will strengthen the Roma squad.

Now that a Destro and Torres swap appears to be off, it remains to be seen whether Roma will want to make an offer for Torres. It was speculated that if Destro didn’t go the other way, Torres would be valued at around 20 million pounds. Sky Sports are reporting the swap move was just all speculation, and with Mourinho saying he’s going nowhere, the strength of this rumor is a 3 out of 10.

Mourinho can say what he wants, but he should be well aware that Torres is not going to be a key player for Chelsea and selling him could be a good way to try to comply with financial fair play. Even though Torres would only slightly improve Roma, and even though the current rumor is weak, Roma could still consider making a move for Torres before the end of the season. Destro will almost definitely be remaining at Roma, but it may be in the best interest of Torres to try his luck elsewhere, because it will never work out for him at Stamford Bridge. The chances of Torres going to Roma before the window ends is a 40%.