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Manchester United Loss to Swansea Accelerates Deal for World Class Transfer


All the hype that surrounded Louis van Gaal’s appointment as Manchester United manager failed to match the actual result, as the Red Devils suffered a disappointing defeat at the hands of Swansea City in their opening game of the Premier League campaign.

In an utterly listless display which contradicted the enthusiasm among the fans at the start of the game, United were simply woeful and the match was a cruel reminder to the Red Devils’ faithful that the arrival of Van Gaal does not automatically solve their deep rooted problems, which troubled them throughout last season.

Van Gaal’s first game in charge as United manager was a disaster

However, the defeat to Swansea may well come as a blessing in disguise, as it has now been reported that Louis van Gaal has accelerated his pursuit of facilitating the arrival of a couple of world class players in the next couple of days.

Among the areas which require strengthening for Manchester United – reinforcing the central defensive position seems of primary importance for United and according to the usually reliable sources at Sky Sports, it can be revealed that the Red Devils are on the verge of completing the signing of Roma superstar Mehdi Benatia.

Van Gaal has been a long term admirer of Benatia and it is believed that United have been able to agree to a fee with Italian side Roma for the Moroccan international. The defender is now on his way to England to hold talks with United and if things go according to plan, the move could be finalized within the next few days.

United have reportedly agreed a deal to sign Benatia

Benatia is considered one of the finest defenders plying their trade in Europe, following his magnificent campaign with Roma last season, where he played an integral role in helping the Italian giants to a second place finish in the Serie A.

A tough and uncompromising defender, Benatia is a pillar of strength at the back and contributes at the other end of the pitch as well – having grabbed five goals last season. Therefore, the potential arrival of the 27-year old will be a huge boost for Manchester United and he can certainly go a long way in helping lift the gloom and doom surrounding the club at the moment.



  1. The best thing that happened to Man U is that they lost their opening match.
    Now, the Glazer’s must know that they just cannot move forward in the season with the current players; unless they want a repeat of last year.
    In 2014, Man U will have the lightest schedule of all EPL contenders as they will not be playing in Europe.
    To compensate for this, LVG must try to win either the FA Cup or the Capital One Cup or …both cups and finish in the top 4 of the EPL.
    Winning the EPL is beyond their reach this season as it will be a two horse race between City and Chelsea.
    The achilles heal of Man U continues to be their terrible crop of U.K. players who have not improved over the past five years. Keeping an eye on the HGPR, LVG must get rid of – Cleverley, Smalling, Jones and Young.
    England is ranked 20th in the world with the other U.K. countries ranked even lower. The reason is obvious – the U.K. produces only mediocre players and any team that relies too much on U.K. players, will not win anything.
    If Man U aspire to begin winning again in 2016 and beyond then they must buy a minimum of six more foreign players – two centre-back (from – Blind, Benatia, Rojo and Ivanov), two wingers (from – Di Maria, Cuadrado and Reus, one midfielder (Vidal)and one striker (Cavani). They should also buy Ricky van Wolfswinkel in the hope that LVG can rejuvenate his scoring touch.
    Since 2010, Fergie lost all interest in the Club and the Glazer’s did not have the courage to fire him. The result is that under Fergie’s watch – Man U descended from world-domination to world-doormat. Fergie then exacerbated the issue by choosing the most incompetent manager in the world simply because Fergie knew that he could control David Moyes. He then burdened Moyes with the most talent-bereft Man U team in the history of the Club. Sadly, Fegie’s will never e held to account for what he did at Old Trafford as for some reason – the supporters still idolize him.
    LVG has a huge mountain to climb but the good news is that Man U is a great brand that will attract a lot of sponsorship money – but only when they are winning. The Glazer’s know this and the only way for Man U to win is to add 5 – 7 world class foreign players and judiciously throw out the garbage U.K. players.
    It can be done and LVG is the man to make it happen.


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