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5 Reasons Why Liverpool Won’t Win the Premier League

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With the Premier League season just two days away, anticipation is building across the world. Many can’t wait to find out what stories will arise this season, like which Liverpool player will let it slip at the end of the season? Well, it won’t be a player, more specifically, it will be the team as a whole. They do have plenty of quality to qualify for the group stage of the Champions League, but they won’t be winning the Premier League. Here’s 5 reasons why.

1. It’s too Tottenham-esque

They can deny it all they want, but what happened to Tottenham is very likely to happen to them. From the sale of one star player, they have gotten Lallana, Can, Markovic, Lovren, Origi, Lambert, and Moreno, for over 100 million pounds. They didn’t need all those playersManquillo on loan, Markovic, Can, and Lovren would have strengthened them sufficiently, based on where they were last season to where they are now. The 50 million Euros spent on the others would’ve been sufficient to be able to get a world class striker for Liverpool. Now, they’re left with several pieces to a puzzle that can never be solved without someone like Suarez.

2. Europe

Everyone said it last year- Liverpool not playing in Europe was a huge advantage for them. Plus, they didn’t make it far in the domestic cup competitions, so their focus was fully on the Premier League. Now that they’ll be competing on four fronts, and especially with the Euro qualifiers going on, it is quite possible the wear and tear could affect Liverpool. Yes, I know Europe will affect  the favorites Chelsea and City as well, but looking at Chelsea and City’s squad, you see they have a lot more depth. 

3. Aguero, Costa, RVP, Alexis

Despite having signed Lovren, Moreno, and Manquillo, I still don’t think Liverpool will have the defensive capabilities to be Premier League winners. Martin Skrtel and Simon Mignolet are both prone to mistakes, Lovren– although he impressed on his debut, and he is very good, is still not the best center back in the world and then there’s Glen Johnson…

4. Glen Johnson

Having signed Moreno and Manquillo, I bet many Liverpool fans are hoping Glen Johnson isn’t going to be in the starting XI ever again. Unfortunately, based on the game against Dortmund, it looks like he will be the first choice right back. This won’t be a good decision at all- he doesn’t get back when he goes forward, he is prone to making stupid mistakes, and he can’t admit that he needs to work on the mistakes when he makes them. How can you get better if you can’t even realize what you need to work on?

Martin Kelly would be a much better option than him at right back, and having gotten Moreno and Manquillo, hopefully Rodgers won’t play the Englishman. If there is one Liverpool player I would predict who would slip this year, it’s Johnson.

5. Expectations

The most annoying joke ever for Liverpool fans is that people say all Liverpool fans talk about is their history. After last season, expectations will likely be sky high for them to be at least challenging for the title until the end. They will be able to finish in the top four, but the likes of young Sterling and Sturridge and the Liverpool newcomers won’t be able to hold the team on their shoulders. Now, if only they had a world class striker, things would be different…



  1. If Sturridge could find another partner to team up with himself, or if Sterling continues performing in the similar fashion as in the first day fixture, there are chances that Brendan Rodgers could take his side to the top of the table. On the other hand, Liverpool are back to UEFA Champions League and this should mean that there are a lot of top players who aim to play for Liverpool now.

  2. Whenever you write an article stating why a team will be this good or won’t be good I’m sure someone will say your biased. But, even though I like United, I’d rather have Liverpool win than money mongerers Chelsea or Manchester City.

    And about the depth thing, I know that, but I say they already had 18 players, and only adding 3 or four, plus one world class striker, would’ve made them better than last season. Adding 8 players, none of whom will replace Suarez, to me isn’t the best way to go about adding depth.

    Luis- I know Suarez leaving could lower expectations, but at the same time, after their performances last year and since they’ve signed everyone under the sun expectations will be they’ll at least finish near the top.

  3. the writer is very biased. For starters how do you have depth unless you acquire players? Liverpool last term had only about 16 senior players and adding 8 only to me is not enough. What BR is doing is all clear for all neutrals to see

  4. I doubt expectations are super high. Sure Liverpool set a bar for themselves last year,but with the departure of Suarez their expectations are probably not gonna be that high anymore.

    I agree with Johnson however, he messes up too much.One of our recent signings will surely replace him and he will be transferred to another place (:

  5. No, Chelsea will win it- they have more depth in every position. I don’t think United will win it, but will be fourth. I think Van Gaal, although a great manager, is being a bit over-hyped, and as a result so is United- they’ve only signed two players, and they’ve lost a bunch,so I don’t know why people are predicting Manchester United to win the league.


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