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Arsenal to Make Shocking Offer to Mediocre Player- Wenger going Cheap

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Arsenal aimed high, and now they look to settle. According to Metro, Arsenal are looking at a free transfer for Stephane Mbia to fill in at defensive midfielder.

Since Mbia is without a club, Wenger can bring in the Cameroon international for free and at a low wage. It sounds like a match made in heaven for Wenger. Plus, the chances of Khedira joining the Gunners are dwindling.

This is the usual story with Arsenal and rumors. First, Khedira was coming to London; next, Schneiderlin seemed imminent to arrive, and finally, Carvalho was a sure deal. In the end, the French manager prefers Mbia. We are on a roller-coaster that started on a high drop, but is finishing in the slowest possible manner.

Mbia is not a terrible player. Last season, while on loan, Mbia helped Sevilla win the Europa League. His holding play allowed Rakitic to move higher on the field and create on counters. It is not at all surprising that Sevilla may reach out for him once again. Theoretically, the Cameroonian posseses traits that fit in the Premier League: strong, physical, and fast. However, his time at QPR was a flop (although I would blame it more on the club and not his game.) Maybe the jump from the Ligue 1 to the English Premier League was too much for him.

Knowing Wenger’s enthusiasm for cheap, mediocre players– the rumor cannot not be all ignored. Yet, considering the source of the transfer news, I would give it a 6 out of 10 on reliability. Metro is not quite reliable; nonetheless, this rumor seems far more reasonable than last year’s Luis Suarez attempt. That was plain comedy.

In case the transfer were to happen, Mbia most likely would be rotated into the squad to give Arteta and Flamini rest for major competitions. I do not think he would much improve the team (3 out of 10). Alex Song might have worked well for the Gunners. But Mbia does not have the technical qualities the Barcelona midfielder has. Wenger plays possession-passing football–a trait Mbia does not hold well. His best quality is that can play center-back, additionally to defensive midfielder.

There is a 75% of this transfer happening. The Premier League season starts this weekend; and with the original choices far from London, Arsenal fans may have to settle with Stephane Mbia. 60,000 pounds a week does not sound at all bad– well for Arsene Wenger and the club. We should at least appreciate the purchase of Alexis Sanchez. We will get another star player next year…hopefully.



  1. Even if he was signed he would rarely get used…there are far better players in the roster that would start ahead of him….article is irrelevant…

    • Article is relevant to your topic. The article is simply an announcement to a transfer rumor.
      However, what you said is stated in the article. Mbia would only but used in case needed for injuries or rest of other players in competitions such as capital one

  2. How is a transfer 75% likely, yet also has a 6/10 chance of happening?
    How has Arsene Wenger kept Arsenal competing at the top with mediocre players?
    I wont even start on your “analysis” of who would be suitable.
    Absolutely pitifully poor article, with no recognisable theme, no facts and total inconsistency.
    One of the worst articles I ever read.

    • I do not how much you read the article; I never said there was a 6/10 chance of happening and 75% chance of happening. The 6/10 refers on how strong the rumor is in truth or falsehood.
      No mentions was made on Wenger being good at competing at top of the table with mediocre players.
      And there is one analysis on “who would be suitable.” Only Mbia is mentioned if he would fit into the system (which he wouldn’t be).

  3. This article is awful. Aside from the fact you say its 6/10 likely then that its 75% going to happen, there is no consistency or soundbreasoning for anything you say.

    Your tactical analysis is also appauling, Song is an awful holding mid and more attack minded – I bet you were one of those people who bemoaned Flamini comming on board, and he had a great season by and large. Not every signing we make can be a big signing, if you want that,fuck off and play fifa.

    • I never said there was a 6/10 chance of happening and 75% chance of happening. 6/10 refers to how much you can trust Metro with its news on Mbia. 75% refers to the chances of happening if the rumors are true.

      Song is not an awful holding midfield. That’s where he played at Arsenal, and that’s where he did well. I agree, he is a bit attack minded. But that does not mean he isn’t a defensive midfielder.

      And no I was not. I was an advocate for Flamini. I wanted him back at Arsenal to finish his career there. Plus, it was a signing needed at the time.

      Obviously not every signing will be huge. The point was on how the club were going to sign players that play the position well and fit Wenger’s system. Now, they are allegedly going after Mbia; a player (in my opinion) that would not fit in Arsenal. His ball control and passing is not up to par.


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