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European Super Cup- Real Madrid (2) vs Sevilla (0): Player Ratings

Wikimedia: Jan Solo

Spanish football was celebrating today, as two of their teams were crowned in the two continental competitions last season. In a rivalry that has been very fiery throughout its history, Real Madrid and Sevilla stayed true to that style and gave us a great match. With both teams lining up new men like Kroos, James, Krychowiak and Denis Suárez, the fluidity of the match didn’t suffer. Each side had highs and lows, but for the most part, Los Blancos dominated throughout the entire game, without even being in top gear. Ronaldo’s injury seems to be a thing of the past, as he scored the two goals and won a trophy that was missing from his collection. Ancelotti conquers his first title out of six to be played this season.

GK, Iker Casillas: 7/10

Good first half from the captain, he wasn’t threatened often, but he took care of some plays that were quite dangerous. Very quiet second half except at the very end of the match, but Iker was very secure.

DEF, Daniel Carvajal: 6.5/10

A good resource for his fellow wing teammate Bale, good in defense as well. Received a yellow card, but still a decent showing from the Spanish.

DEF, Pepe: 8/10

Confident and strong first half, took care of Sevilla’s advancements. Not a whole lot to do in the second half, but he was extremely solid along with Ramos.

DEF, Sergio Ramos: 8/10

A leader next to his partner, he was good in one-on-one situations and even went forward as an attacking resource in the first half. Great second half as he kept Sevilla from getting too close to Iker. Unbeatable.

DEF, Fábio Coentrão: 7/10

His true calling is staying in position and good marking. He did well and even had the chance to help in attack. He was taken out for Marcelo.

MID, James Rodríguez: 7/10

He may be out of form, but he showed some signs of his immense talent. He had a chance to score and seemed to combine well with his teammates. Once he’s at competition level, he could be brilliant. He was taken out for Isco.

MID, Toni Kroos: 9.5/10

He’s still getting to know the team, but he showed that he can lead the team and set the pace of the game. Made almost no mistakes in passes and gave strength to the idea that the best defense is a good offense. Xabi has some very tough competition. Magnificent debut from the German.

MID, Luka Modrić: 8/10

Made a couple of mistakes in the first half, but seemed to work well with Kroos beside him. Worked endlessly in recovering the ball and creating good plays. Stayed true to his excellent past season. Illarra took his place near the end.

ATT, Gareth Bale: 7/10

Very active first half, provided the assist for the first goal and had some threatening shots. He didn’t do as well in the second half as he seemed to be obsessed with scoring a goal in his hometown.

ATT, Karim Benzema: 7/10

Quiet first half, but he was more of a playmaker than a striker. Was very helpful and threatening in the second half. Karim isn’t your typical striker and it works just right for Ancelotti and his needs.

ATT, Cristiano Ronaldo: 8.5/10

Good first half, combined well with his teammates and scored the first goal. Great second half scoring the second goal. He wasn’t at his usual high level, so at medium gas, he did just what he needed to do, score.


MID, Isco: 6/10

Gave James some rest, but the team was already relaxed. He tried his best, but he needs to take advantage of the minutes he’s given in order to be important.

DEF, Marcelo: N/A

Not enough minutes to rate him.

MID, Asier Illarramendi: N/A

Not enough minutes to rate him.