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Five Reasons Barcelona Must Sell Dani Alves NOW


At the beginning of the summer, reports surfaced that Dani Alves was on his way out of F.C. Barcelona. Highly rated clubs, such as Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain, were rumored to express interest in the Brazilian right-back.

But as the start of the new season edges closer, Alves looks more likely to stay one last season. Yesterday, after the 1-0 loss to Napoli, Luis Enrique seemed assured on Alves staying.

He stated, “I am delighted with his presence in the team. Alves is a Barca player and a very good one, by the way. I know him well and for now, he is with us.”

Although many Barcelona fans will be glad to see the Brazilian leading the right flank on defense, I beg to differ with the idea. Despite the fantastic years he has given the club, I have five reasons why now is the time to sell Dani Alves.

Form is Temporary

It’s rare for a player to maintain a high level of game all the way to the end of his career. Age slows the pace and stamina of any athlete, and– at times– decision-making worsens.

While watching Brazil at the 2014 World Cup, I noticed signs that Alves may possibly be heading towards the last years of his career. He still ran up and down the right for a full 90 minutes of a match. However, his decision-making was questioned.

Throughout the short tournament, Alves seemed unusually inaccurate with his passing and movement off-the-ball. According to Opta, only 2 out of 13 crosses by Alves were successful. Wingers and forwards caught the Brazilian out of position on defense, risking his team’s goal. In the quarterfinals against Colomiba, Scolari replaced Alves with Maicon.

At the club level, Alves showed hints of a dwindling form. Since the season is longer than the World Cup, his bad form was not as noticeable; nonetheless, the same problems occurred in many matches. His crossing looked inept and without reason. Before the Brazilian’s form is recognized by clubs, Barcelona must let go of Alves while he is still wanted.

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