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Five Players Arsenal Should Sign Right Now


At this point, it is no secret that Arsenal are in need of a defensive midfielder, an anchor in the midfield. A type of player that was badly needed last season, and who’s absence could have cost Wenger the EPL title. Let’s take a look at five players who would fit right in to Arsenal’s defensive midfielder position.

The Bender Bros.

Two players that fit the mold are the Bender twins, Lars and Sven. Size and youth make these two footballers great prospects for an Arsenal team in desperate need of some defensive help.

Lars and Sven are both accomplished holding midfielders at their clubs, Bayern Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund, respectively, with over 100 caps each. The German duo are both 6 feet in height, and have the ability to act as an extra defender, providing relief to the attacking midfielders who play ahead of them. Both 25 years old, they have a lot of room to grow and improve on already very successful careers.

Lars, who had been rumored to be a target of Arsene Wenger this summer, is viewed as the more skilled of the two. Unlike Sven, he had a chance to go to Brazil with the German national team, but withdrew due to a thigh injury just before the tournament. Lars has also netted a few goals with the national team, something that Sven also has yet to accomplish.

This should not direct you to believe that either are great attacking players though, as both are well known for their defensive attributes. Lars had an average passing accuracy of 78 percent last year, which is far below Mikel Arteta’s of 92 percent, the man Bender would replace. If anyone knows about how Arsene Wenger runs Arsenal, then you know that Bender will need to work on his passing and attack game before he cracks the first team. At such a young age though, Lars would have an ample amount of time to hone his craft.

The German twins could both become great defensive midfielders in North London, and wouldn’t break the bank as much as other rumored signings this summer would. If Arsenal wants to be viewed as serious title contenders this season, they need to strengthen the back of the midfield, and one of these brothers could be molded into the perfect fit.

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