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Rafel Marquez Signs with Hellas Verona

Source: Flickr - betancourt

So far, there have been a few big signings occurring throughout the summer transfer window. One that may have gone under the radar is the departure of Mexican International Star, Rafael Marquez, to Hellas Verona. The Italian club recently signed the 35-year-old and will most likely be in the starting lineup throughout his time with the club. Ironically, this is Marquez’ second time leaving for Europe, while some rising stars in Mexico haven’t been able to leave yet. After all, a lot of complications within clubs have made it difficult for rising stars in Mexico to leave to Europe.

Marquez has already been in Europe with European giants FC Barcelona and French team, AS Monaco. Even though Marquez may be past his prime, he  has shown good performances in recent years.

With a great 214 World Cup performance and run with Mexico, it is understandable why Rafael Marquez decided to leave to Europe. Mexico fared well in the World Cup, since they were able to make it to the Round of 16 and eventually lose to the Netherlands. After an exciting World Cup tournament in Brazil, Marquez may have had a desire inside him seeking tougher competition in Italy. In regards to the Mexico National Team, Marquez is definitely one of the most successful players throughout the history of the team. He firmly stands along Mexico legends such as Hugo Sanchez, Jorge Campos and Jared Borgetti.

Marquez’ run with Club Leon may not have been too long, but in that time span he helped the team greatly. In 2013, Leon managed to win the 2013 Apertura in the final against Club America with an aggregate of 5-1. This would be Marquez’ first Liga MX title in his career and would help mark his contribution to the club’s history. To put the cherry on top, Club Leon also won the Clausura 2014, which would make them “bicampeones” or “two-time champions”.

Marquez has several club achievements that put him along Mexico’s greatest players. One of these is that Rafael Marquez is the first player to captain his own national team four consecutive times in a row in the FIFA World Cup. For 16 years he has managed to captain the Mexico national team, helping them get as far as possible in the global tournament. Another achievement is that he is the first Mexican player to win the UEFA Champions League (achieved it with Barcelona), even though he had suffered an injury during the semi-final that year. Hellas Verona should be more than pleased with signing a decorated veteran player who will surely bring experience to the team.

Overall, the arrival of Rafael Marquez to Hellas Verona shows that the veteran still has it in those old legs. His experience and good defending will surely aid Hellas Verona in different ways. Like Marquez, younger players in Mexico should attempt to leave the Liga MX and seek a new experience in Europe. In Europe they may develop their soccer skills to their max potential like Rafael Marquez did.