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Chivas Guadalajara vs AC Milan Friendly – August 6, 2014 Prediction, and TV Schedule

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The Chivas Guadalajara vs AC Milan friendly match will take place this Wednesday, August 6, 2014 (6:00 PM Pacific) at the NGR Stadium in Houston, Texas. This game will be played in front of a large multitude in what is expected to become an exciting match between two strong teams.

Chivas of Guadalajara is ready to take on yet another European giant in a friendly match. Last week, the team coached by Carlos Bustos lost 1-0 in a close match against Bayern Munich. That game saw the ‘Rebaño’ play against the wall for most of the first half, yet the second 45 had them create scoring opportunities without much success. Against AC Milan, Chivas will attempt to win the match in front of a stadium which will most likely be pro-Chivas.


AC Milan has had a terrible pre-season tour in which they lost 3-0 against Olympiacos, 5-1 against Manchester City, and 2-0 against Liverpool. The team coached by Filippo Inzaghi has not fared well on the midfield, which has caused his side to be suffocated on defense. Against Chivas, Milan will need to win in order to demonstrate signs of life, as a loss will question Inzaghi’s ability to lead this great team to greatness in the upcoming season.

Chivas Guadalajara vs AC Milan

AC Milan has played terribly in their United States pre-season tour, losing their three games by a 10-1 scoring margin. The game against Chivas will be played with some pressure as another loss or even tie will show negative signs when the start of the Serie A season is just around the corner.

For that motive, AC Milan will not play calmly, and will put forward all of their available weapons. This Wednesday, the Italian side will dominate the game, while Chivas will attempt to creating effortless scoring opportunities. The Chivas Guadalajara vs AC Milan match will end in a 3-1 win for the Serie A team.

Chivas Guadalajara vs AC Milan TV Schedule

The Chivas Guadalajara vs AC Milan match will be televised on beIN Sports at 6:00 PM Pacific.