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Real Madrid (1) vs Manchester United (3): Player Ratings

Real Madrid
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In a stadium with a record-breaking attendance, Real Madrid and Manchester United did their best to entertain the more than 100,000 souls that paid for tickets. With a decent amount of starters, the game was very enjoyable. The Red Devils were very superior and more effective. Preseason hasn’t been good to Madrid and they need to change the mentality now as they start their fight for six titles in 10 days.

Ancelotti only made two substitutions and surprised everyone when Ronaldo came in. While good for many players to get the full 90 minutes, their game wasn’t good enough to cause too much trouble. Louis van Gaal’s men will head to the final with no defeats. He has the potential to change United this season and his start has been very smooth. Let’s take a look at how each Madrid player performed:

GK, Iker Casillas: 3/10

Failed in all the goals. He needs to prove to Ancelotti that selecting him as the starting keeper for the season was a good call.

DEF, Álvaro Arbeloa: 5/10

With more of a defensive role, he had an okay game, but didn’t provide much in attack. He should’ve been covering Chicharito on the third goal. He was taken out for Ronaldo.

DEF, Pepe: 5.5/10

Like the rest of the defense, he was to blame for all the goals against, but did have some good tackles that could’ve ended up in dangerous plays.

DEF, Sergio Ramos: 5.5/10

Not a very good first half, he was one of the men responsible for all the goals against. He tried to go forward, but with no luck.

DEF, Nacho Fernández: 6/10

Good in defense and lacking in attack, but that just isn’t his style. He’s the true utility player of the defense.

MID, Asier Illarramendi: 5.5/10

Decent enough in defense, but didn’t provide the team with those right passes to generate opportunities. It’s more than likely that he will be a regular member of the bench this season.

MID, Xabi Alonso: 5.5/10

He wasn’t the leader of the midfield and made some bad passes. An apparent injury before the hour mark forced him out.

MID, Luka Modrić: 5.5/10

Not his best day. He’s far from that powerhouse that impressed us last season. Generated few plays, but it may be just a temporary preseason form.

ATT, Daniel Carvajal: 6/10

Put in a right winger position, he didn’t provide a whole lot to the team, but he wasn’t bad either. In case a catastrophe occurs, he could be be put there again.

ATT, Isco: 6.5/10

Him and Bale were the ones that created most of Madrid’s best combinations and plays. Playing as a false 9 again, he proved to Ancelotti that he could be a useful player this season in different positions.

ATT, Gareth Bale: 6.5/10

Forced and scored the penalty in the first half and tried a bicycle kick that De Gea caught. The best on the team, but not overly brilliant. Good to see him play the entire 90 minutes. He needs to be the leader in the European Supercup on the 12th.


ATT, Raúl de Tomás: 5/10

Came in and was very active at first, but when Madrid calmed down, he saw less of the ball. He could be a good alternative for the striker dilemma.

ATT, Cristiano Ronaldo: N/A

His appearance was a welcome surprise since Ancelotti said he wasn’t available. Had a few quality touches, but he was put in more for the crowd than for anything else. Risky move by the coach considering there’s a title to play for in 10 days.