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Liverpool Could Spend £60m on Bundesliga Star

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While Liverpool continues to make key transfers and new additions, it seems they are still in the running for some big names.

Liverpool seems to be in a battle with Manchester United over the coveted Marco Reus, the German international and Borussia Dortmund striker.  The Daily Star has reported the Reds are toying with the idea of offering £60m for Reus, after £45 million was shot down. 

Both United and Liverpool must now play the waiting game.  Reports in Germany are that the talks have stalled and nothing will happen until a £28 million release clause is activated during next summer’s transfer window.  

Reus would be the name brand striker Rodgers could really benefit from, and one that could fill in nicely to fill the void of Luis Suarez.  There have been plenty of options and new additions who have come aboard at Anfield, but Reus could be that immediate fix and step up right away.  Instead, it will be Lambert showing the way to the young guys.

Bayern Star Staying in Munich

The other Liverpool target, one of much of the summer, is Bayern Munich up-and-comer Xherdan Shaqiri, who now seems to be leaning toward staying in Munich.

His brother, and his agent, told The Express that Shaqiri is in the middle of contract negotiations with FC Bayern to extend his current stay until further years.  The 22-year-old is staying quiet, except on social media sites though.

The Metro newspaper is saying Liverpool would offer £14.2m for the Swiss International who made a splash at the World Cup.  Xherdan Shaqiri was caught by The Metro for favoriting a tweet where one Reds fan asked Brendan Rodgers to sign the Swiss player.  Thus, causing stirs of excitement as if the young player wanted to transfer to England.

Shaqiri only replied saying “he was on holiday and not talking to teams or the media.”  This leads to more controversy over where he really wants to be.  He has not seen a lot of first-team minutes with FC Bayern just yet, but Bayern insists he is part of the greater picture and a future star for their club.

Shaqiri, who is called the “Messi of the Alps,” would bring excitement to Anfield, but he would cost too much on top of this summer spending spree.  He would also clash too much with the likes of Lazar Markovic, as both play the same type of stylish football.

Shaqiri does not make as much sense, for the price tag, for Liverpool.  But if a deal could be struck with Marco Reus, that would be icing on the cake for Brendan Rodgers and company.


  1. Shaqiri is clearly the better choice than anyone else at the moment, arguably for some even better than Marco Reus. He is simply far superior than anyone else currently in BR’s team, and the price for him is ridiculously low. The only issue, and a big one, is that he actually prefers to stay at Bayern if they finally give him play time. Hard to blame him for that. There are simply too many fans who adore him in Munich, and even follow him in practice. Has anyone seen his free kick skills? Considered one of the top three in the world in that category, and the best in Munich, even better than Tony Kroos.

  2. BR should go in for two more players and that’s it for LFC this transfer window, Marco Reus and Xherdan Shaqiri! that’s it BR, we got debt then to compete! go hard or go home!

  3. what do you mean shaqiri’s price is too high ?? we bid 14.2 million pounds for shaqiri who is 2x bundesliga champion and has a champions league medal at the age of 22 and has a world cup hatrick on his resume and is much better player than markovic ad we payed 20 million for markovic…. 14.2 is less than 20 last time I checked not to mention shaqiri is the better player. top journalism here…..


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