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What Will James Rodríguez Bring to Real Madrid?

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Earlier this month, James Rodriguez was announced as the newest acquisition for Real Madrid. The Colombian midfielder was signed for a reported 70 million euros, a deal that will make him the 4th largest transfer in soccer history after Ronaldo, Bale, and Suarez. James cultivated the footballing world during this year’s FIFA World Cup, putting in miraculous performances, and in the process earning himself the Golden Boot, scoring 6 goals in 5 games. With his marvelous  résumé, what will James Rodriguez bring to Real Madrid?

Stats (Via WhoScored)

Ligue 1 : 30(4) Apps – 9 Goals – 12 Assists

Fifa World Cup: 4(1) Apps – 6 Goals – 2 Assists

James Rodriguez had a good season with Monaco finishing as the league’s top assister, while also providing 9 goals for his side. His season may have been good at Monaco but what really poked at the interest of the Spanish giants was his phenomenal performance during the World Cup, finishing as the top scorer and leading his country to the Quarter-Finals ;a feat that was historical for Colombia.

James Brings……

James Brings…… Key Passes; he has a knack for finding the gap between the defenders and delivering, great through balls for his teammates to convert.

James Brings…… Finishing; during the World Cup, he showed his ability to place the ball in the back of the net, not only did he show his talent, he did it better than everyone else at the World Cup.

James Brings…… Potential; James is still only 23, he still has room to improve his game to a more consistent base, and can certainly be one of the greatest players in the world.

James Brings…… Crossing; James is a great crosser of the ball, being able to pick out his teammates in the box.

James Brings…… Long shots; He can certainly strike a ball from distances, and has shown it plenty of times throughout his career.

James’ Strengths

  1.  Creating Chances
  2. Passing
  3. Crossing
  4. Set Pieces
  5. Long Shots
  6. Finishing

James’ Weakness

  1.  Aerial Duels

What is Next for James?

James is a great signing for Real Madrid, a bit over priced? Possibly. Still talented nonetheless, he has shown he has the ability to play under great pressure and the talent to reach great lengths on a personal and team level. With Real Madrid, he will need to demonstrate he can perform in top caliber manner consistently in order to help Real Madrid win titles they so dearly desire.