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Real Madrid (1) vs Inter Milan (1): Player Ratings


Preseason matches are usually entertaining, but also lack intensity. This game wasn’t very entertaining and definitely lacked intensity. With a pitch that seemed more like an amateur field and with the poorly kept grass, the match suffered because of it. On top of that, the lack of regular starters from Real Madrid forced coach Carlo Ancelotti to put in many players from the youth academy. This was good for him as he could analyze who’s worth bringing up to the first team. However, this was bad for the game, since the lack of experience from the youngsters made the game a bit boring.

In the end, we only saw two goals and had to settle for a draw that needed to be broken by a penalty shootout. Inter took the game, the three points and Madrid gave a really poor image despite dominating the ball. Nevertheless, a team full of youngsters playing against a team with a great number of starters will give us these types of results.

GK, Diego López: 5/10

Not a lot of work in the first 45 minutes. He was subbed before the second half started.

DEF, Daniel Carvajal: 5/10

He was too aggressive and was more focused on fighting Inter back with fouls than helping the team. Not a good showing from one of Madrid’s best defenders last season.

DEF, Pepe: 5/10

Inter didn’t really do much, but he was correct when he needed to be. He had a chance to go up in a potentially dangerous counterattack. Subbed shortly after the hour mark.

DEF, Nacho: 5.5/10

Decent first half considering Inter’s lack of threatening attacks. He had to be the leader of the back line once Pepe left and he did his best.

DEF, Diego Llorente: 5.5/10

Decent showing from the youngster, he could be useful for Ancelotti as a wild card since he can play any position in defense.

MID, Asier Illarramendi: 5/10

He had a less than memorable last season and it showed today. He really didn’t do that much, but he also didn’t make too many mistakes.

MID, Álvaro Medrán: 5/10

Showed his ways, but the match was preseason at its finest and didn’t do anything for the team.

MID, Isco: 5.5/10

He tried to be creative, but the game was too stuck in the first half. Once Bale was taken out, he was left to be the reference, but failed to push the team forward effectively.

ATT, Lucas Vázquez: 5.5/10

Good showing from the youngster, but didn’t offer the team too many resources.

ATT, Raúl de Tomás: 5/10

Iinsisted when the team attacked, but nothing truly came to fruition. Subbed before the hour mark.

ATT, Gareth Bale: 6.5/10

Played the first 45 minutes and scored a wonderful goal from outside the box. When he had the ball, Madrid was threatening. The team really missed him in the second half.


MID, Marcos Llorente: 5.5/10

One of the most talented players from the youth team, he showed us his ways in a couple of plays and could prove to be useful for the team very shortly.

GK, Jesús Fernández: 6/10

He wasn’t lucky with the penalty, but blocked a handful of very dangerous shots.

ATT, Rubén Sobrino: 5/10

Caused the penalty in the 2nd half and allowed Inter to equalize. Apart from that, he tried his best when the team went forward.

DEF, Derik Osede: 5/10

Did what he had to do and nothing more.

MID, Omar Mascarell: 5/10

Seen as one of the most promising players from the youth teams, he had a chance to score, but his shot went right to the keeper’s hands.