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How Van Gaal Will Change Manchester United


Louis Van Gaal is one of the best managers in the game, his experience with Ajax, Barcelona and Bayern Munich (and the Netherlands too) attest to that.

The World Cup in Brazil proved that he is a tactical and substitute genius. The substitution for the goalkeeper Tim Krul in the quarter-final penalty shootout against Costa Rica, proved that he has tricks up his sleeves.

Van Gaal also feels the game very well and can make a perfect change, an order, that will turn around the flow of the game in the moment of need. This is one of the things that United lacked last season under David Moyes

Van Gaal will utilize his strict demeanor to get 100% from his players. He is known for demanding the utmost professionalism from his team, while still maintaining a high level of comradeship with those under his command, something which United lacked under Moyes. Thus, Van Gaal has those ‘Fergie” attributes that will get the team up and running.

United will play more through their midfield area, as Van Gaal will want to dominate the ball and the game. Fans should expect United to control the ball, and be more clinical with their finishes.

Furthermore, Van Gaal enjoys playing with wingers and especially if they are very fast. Van Gaal will utilize the presence of Adnan Januzaj and should probably acquire someone else to play on the wing alongside the young talent.

Van Gaal is also known for building a solid defense. The Netherlands did not make any crucial mistakes throughout the World Cup, which is an example of the discipline that he brings to the team.

The defense plays smartly with great coordination. Tactically, Van Gaal is known for the way he utilizes his defenders. This is a positive sign for United. United have struggled with their doggy defense for years, especially under David Moyes. Now that Van Gaal has come, he will certainly pay more attention to the back four, and start rebuilding the team from the back.

Even though Van Gaal was until very recently busy with the World Cup, his presence has been felt at Old Trafford. He should acquire more players in order to improve the defense and the midfield of his new team. Two-three spot on acquisitions should be enough for Van Gaal to shine at Manchester United

Van Gaal should put away the tactical and motivational horrors that have occurred during the Moyes era.