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Liverpool in Bidding War with Tottenham for 21yr Old Defender

Wikimedia - Robert Cutts

Exciting rumors are beginning to take off that Liverpool is starting to really search for defensive help. With all the new firepower coming in at the top of the formation, some were starting to wonder if any changes were coming for the back line.

Sevilla’s Alberto Moreno became the top target rather quickly, but when Sevilla wanted £18 million for the defender, Liverpool backed out and focused on finalizing deals with Lazar Marković and, hopefully, Divock Origi.

The next guy in line for Brendan Rodgers is Swansea’s home-grown player, Ben Davies. Liverpool offered £8 million for the left back and were quickly turned away.  Now the word is that Tottenham have agreed to a deal with Swansea for £10 million, which leads to The Daily Mail reporting Liverpool have offered £12 million.

Why This Makes Sense

Davies is an everyday player who can be relied on game in and game out.  The 21-year-old played in 43 matches last season for Swansea, showing very little signs of fatigue.  He fears no one, taking on the ball every chance he gets, and almost always succeeding.  Davies is cool and collected, as he rarely puts his team in jeopardy with risky plays.  He completed 83 percent of his passes last year.

Ben Davies, right now, is a bargain.  Although he is only 21, he has already played 10 international games with Wales.  With 50-plus meaningful games under his belt, Davies has shown he can handle the best; and he has a lot of mileage left.

This deal is a win-win for everyone.  Davies grew up in the Swansea system, so he has emotional ties to the club, but he would be parting for Champions League football.  And Swansea would be gaining more money for the defender than they thought, now that Tottenham has upped the ante.

Lastly, he fits Brendan Rodgers’ system.  He’s a great left back, who brings a lot of toughness with him.  But he also knows when to get involved with the attack.  Ben Davies has three goals to his name already, and will surely be looking to tally more this upcoming season.

The Other Options

The only other players that could come to mind are Holland’s Daley Blind, who has less exposure in the top ranks, and the Seattle Sounders’ DeAndre Yedlin.

Both of these players flourished in the World Cup, but seem unproven altogether.  Blind has 19 international appearances with the Netherlands, with one goal coming in the third place game of the World Cup.  The 24-year-old has 99 appearances with Ajax, with three total goals there; but he has a few more years and could come with a higher

Yedlin made a big splash in the World Cup, which started to interest Liverpool.  The 20-year-old is more used to the right side of the pitch, but could fill a void for Rodgers, and come at an even cheaper price tag than Davies.

All-in-all, for the experience, age, and skill set, Davies is a bargain and needs to be chased down right away.