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Why Emre Can is a Great Signing for Liverpool

Wikimedia: Helen Bromley

With the departure of Liverpool’s star player, Luis Suarez, they will have to start investing in the transfer market to make up for that loss. The Reds recently acquired several promising players such as Adam Lallana and Rickie Lambert. By signing these players, Brendan Rogers hopes to bolster the squad and still keep the team in the race for title contention. In addition to these two players, they managed to sign Emre Can. Can is a young German footballer who they acquired from Bayer Leverkusen for £9.75m. Emre Can has a variety of attributes that make him a great asset for Brendan Roger’s squad.


One of Can’s main attributes is that he is a fast player that can explode in the pitch if given enough room. His quick pace makes him a dangerous counter attacking player through the wings. Fortunately, Roger’s style of play is quick paced and is a perfect fit for Can’s style of play. By including Emre Can in the squad, Rodgers will be able to improve the explosiveness of Liverpool’s attack even more. This style of play after all, helped the Reds achieve second place in the recent Premier League season.


Another one of Can’s characteristics is that he is a great dribbler who can also be a bit flashy at times. As stated before, Can is capable of losing defenders in the blink of an eye and he can even zigzag through several defenders if he needs to. Additionally, Can has also shown his dribbling skills by using tricks to get rid of defenders and even provide good passes to his teammates.

Can’s ability to play exceptionally in the open field will be beneficial for Liverpool, because it will leave other fellow attackers more chances for goal-scoring opportunities. After all, Liverpool is known to score from the open field, where they are able to quickly pick apart opponent’s defenses. Lastly, Can can also provide long passes, just as fellow companion Steven Gerrard. Can’s long range passes are precise and they may create more chances for the Reds. Although the players are of course not at the same level, Can might be able to learn a trick or two from veteran Anfield captain, Steven Gerrard.


Last but not least, Emre Can is a midfielder who is more than capable of going back to help the defense. This will help Liverpool because they have had some faults in their defense and how it manages to hold up against other formidable offenses. With Can falling back to help defend, Rogers’ squad will be able to recover without having too much difficulty. Specifically, Can is great at sliding tackles and taking the ball away from the defender. He is always looking for a hole in the attacker’s dribbles. From the defensive and offensive perspective, Can is a great signing for Liverpool who will most likely fit exceptionally in Brendan Roger’s lineup. Although he may not be immediately a starter, we can expect Can to make a name for himself and eventually be a starter. At the age of 20, Can has a lot of potential and with time, may become a future star.