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Barcelona Close to Deal with Tottenham to Sign Puyol’s €22m Replacement


In the 2013/2014 season, F.C. Barcelona finished all competitions without a trophy. Some fans questioned the ex-manager of Barcelona, Tata Martino. Others felt the players were simply not trying. Many reasons (or excuses) can be made on the Blaugrana’s shortcomings. But one thing we all agree on is that the defense was nothing less than appalling. The people of Catalunya have been begging for a center-back for a couple of years.

According to SB Nation’s Barca Blaugranas, the long wait has ended. After impressing in the 2014 World Cup, the Belgian captain, Jan Vertonghen, is rumored to have received offers from multiple clubs including Barcelona. Sources say that Barcelona inquired Tottenham Hotspurs and are willing to pay the 22 million euro buyout clause.

With the retirement of Carles Puyol– arguably the best captain in Barcelona’s history– the Catalans have holes in the defense to fill.  The word makeshift has become more of a title than a description for those players pretending to be center-backs (such as Javier Mascherano and Sergio Busquets). The new Barca manager, Luis Enrique, will sure not want to place Mascherano in the back four due to the tremendous form he is having with Argentina at defensive midfielder. Who could have guessed the guy would perform highly in a position he has played all his life?

If the Spanish giants complete the signing of Vertonghen, the squad will improve a great deal at the back four. I rate the signing a 9 out of 10 since the only two center-backs we have are Gerard Pique and Marc Bartra. Pique is in terrible form, while Bartra still needs more experience at top competition.

Vertonghen is a conservative center-back that will not risk leaving the back vulnerable to counter-attacks. The days of Bale overrunning our dreams in the Copa del Rey will be over! His composure and positioning justifies Enrique’s wish to bring the Belgian to Spain. 22 million euros is a decent price for the international center-back.

However, the Club will only sign the 27-year old if they cannot acquire Marquinhos from Paris Saint-Germain. Barcelona have tried to sign the young Brazilian, but PSG are unwilling to sell the player unless the French club find a replacement beforehand. Therefore, I believe there is a 70% chance of the transfer happening. I find it difficult imagining PSG purchasing a replacement within a week; Barcelona must act quickly.

SB Nation is relatively reliable with its news in sports, I rate the transfer rumor strength a 7 out of 10. The Catalan club need a center-back. At this point, Barca fans will be happy with either Marquinhos or Vertonghen. We just do not want to live another season of makeshift defenders.



  1. Your initial post contained so many errors which you have backed away from, it leaves you with no credibility at all.
    Constantly replying to explain your “poorly chosen words” (your words, not mine) only makes it worse.
    Best you research your subject matter first, write, rewrite, edit and rewrite again – then leave it all to those who know what they’re talking about.

    • I appreciate your critique. I will take to account any future concerns.
      And when I said I chose my words poorly, I was only referring to the description of Vertonghen’s playing style. That, I definitely made a mistake with my words. But, like I said, I will take your critique into mind.
      Thank you.

  2. Am I missing something? Are you saying what Someone suggests is his market value is therefore his buyout clause value? Because they are not one and the same. Levy doesn’t do buyout clauses so it doesnt matter what the market value is. I doubt market value for bale was 95 mill so your buyout clause value theory is flawed.

    • I think the problem is that he doesn’t understand that contracts outside of Spain are different and has assumed the buy out clause is a legal requirement in all countries rather than just a few. Clearly the same mistake’s been made by the person who originally made this story up which suggests it wasn’t even a journalist but rather a Barca fan who came up with this nonsense.

      • You’re right that buyout clauses are not mandatory in the Premiership. However, contracts between player and club must have a way to be nullified, or else other clubs would not be able to purchase the player since he would be under contract. Usually there is some sort of release clause in the contract.

        • Chris this comment of yours is offensive. The Spurs supporters are paying Vertonghen’s salary. The contract has to be respected. According to other reports there are two years to run on the contract. The way to ‘nullify’ the contract as you put it is to pay Spurs asking price. Otherwise the contract will have to be respected. He might go because I think he will agitate for a move – If he does it will be for a minimum of 25 Mil Euro though more likely between 30 and 35 Mil.

          If Barca think that is too much then they don’t want him. You need to try and understand the legal obligations here.

          • My apologies. I do not mean to be offensive. I fully agree with your comment. And yes, I realize that Vertonghen will not be sold for a mere 22 mil. But I cannot report an unknown number. I can only base it off a source whether reliable or not. If Vertonghen were to leave (not specifically only to Barca but maybe other clubs) he is sure to be sold for no less than 30 million.

        • The contract ends when either the terms of fulfillment are met or both parties mutually agree to end it. In the case of a transfer where club agrees fee and player agrees a contract with the new club both parties are mutually agreeing to end the existing contract. A player can also buy out his own contract after 3 years (Vertonghen would need to wait another year) BUT there is no predetermined fee, it would be decided by a tribunal and since there is no way of knowing what compensation would have to be paid no one ever does it. There is no buyout clause and no specific release clause.

    • You’re right, market value and the value stated on the contract are not equal terms. But, unless the player utterly under performs or tremendously overachieves, the two amounts tend to be similar.
      And yes, even now Bale is not worth 95 million. That’s simply Levy being Levy.

  3. there are no buyout clauses..no OFFICIAL website that simply lists players values..you are talking complete and utter rubbish..you give it 70% chance of happening…well seen as you’re into statistics..you are 100% moronic 100% wrong and 100% drunk on 100% alcohol if you think anyone that knows anything about football believes a single word of the crap your spamming us with..give up..go get another job…football isn’t for you. log off.. jog on

    • In the Premiership, contracts have to have some sort of way to nullify a contract. It may not specifically be a buy-out clause. It may very well be a release clause; nonetheless, there are websites (one in particular) that list out players and their values. Transfer market is a market, so unless clubs want values of players to be a complete secret, then those values are available for public viewing just like any other market.

  4. We want hummels and reus in barca so plz make it happen bcz they are really good and they can help the team in defense and in confer attack

    • Unfortunately, after the purchase of Suarez, Barcelona will no longer go after Reus. In face, Reus just came out and stated his disappointment with Barcelona since he had rejected Manchester United so Barca would purchase him. That did not happen.

  5. Not a chance we’ll negotiate with Levy haha. Everyone in the world knows he’s a miserly odd son of a bitch, and no-one wants to do business with his club unless it’s necessary. And since we have numerous CBs in La Masia that are already far superior to Vertonghen, bye bye losers. 😉

  6. Haha not a chance… far too shit to play at Barça. Ajax offered him to Barça first (since we have a great relationship with them) but we turned him down then. No way are we going to go back for him now and play Levy’s massively inflated price. He was sold to Spurs for £13M in the end, and he’s only gotten worse since… he’s worth max £10M these days. I doubt Barça would even be stupid enough to pay that much for him though.

    • I disagree that he is terrible. He can be quite reliable. Yes, Barca fans prefer someone far better; however, negotiations with Mathieu, Marquinhos, and even Hummels are not going well. Barcelona are falling back on Vertonghen if no progress is made with other center-backs. And at this point, Barcelona NEED a center-back.
      And I would not ignore the awful choices of the current administration at Barcelona. They just sold an Alexis Sanchez that played the best out of all the players previous season. This same administration sold Thiago Alcantara and Eric Abidal. Bad choices all around. A center-back would be an upgrade.

  7. There is no buyout clause, simple as, if Barca wanted Vertonghen they would have to pay a lot more than 22 mill euros, whoever came up with that figure is living in cloud cuckoo land

    • The figure comes from the contract itself and value set in the transfer market. You can look up the value if you wish. The website is open to public.
      Levy, of course, will ask for more. But we do not know the value. We only know that Barcelona are willing to start negotiations at 22 million euros.

  8. Not good enough for barca should stay at spurs to improve on a bad last season and not go as a season wonder.spurs fan ,dawson needs to go as he as been holding us back for years.we will never be a good defencive team with him near it.

    • Possibly, but at this point, Barca fans simply want a center back. They are going for Jeremy Mathieu and Marquinhos first. But those negotiations are not going well for now. So Vertongen is the next player to go for.
      And I agree that he will definitely be sold for more if the negotiations occur.

  9. Whenever anybody has mentioned a buy out clause with Tottenham, it’s turned out to be a pile of rubbish. Levy doesn’t do buy out clauses. Why would you when you are one of the toughest negotiators in football? I know I’ll tie one arm behind my back for fun!

    • All contracts contain a buyout clause. Levy will of course ask for more. But that value is unknown. We know that 22 million is the value Vertonghen is set in the transfer market.

      • This is not true especially with English clubs as it is deemed not a to be legal requirement as it would not stand up in an English court of law, Google is your friend seriously……

        • Maybe not specifically a buyout clause, but contracts need a way to be nullified. It can be some sort of release clause that defines the terms of how the contract can end. Or else the player and club would have to wait until the contract is completed.
          There must be a way for other clubs to purchase a player with a contract to its club.

  10. Get rid. Horrible attitude, fed up with pre-madonnas at Spurs who don’t stand up and fight. Last part of last season he was a disgrace. See Ya Van & don’t come back near WHL!!!!!

  11. When you return to your home planet you might discover that Levy gives nothing to no one and Barcelona getting him for that price is on a par with Catalan getting independence.

    • I very well know that. But while writing this, I cannot just state a random number. The article is only referring to how much Barcelona are willing to start negotiating which is the buyout value stated on the contract and the market. In the transfer market, Vertonghen is valued at 22 million euros. That does not mean Levy won’t ask for at least 35 million euros. He’s a smart man when it comes to selling.

  12. Utter crapp..Levy NEVER puts buy out clauses in any players contracts. Besides David Luiz a half the defender of Vertonghen sold for £50 million in pounds that is. A man who sold Bale for a world record wont let you have a sniff at 22 mil Euros for Vertonghen.

    • All contracts have buyout clauses. It does not mean that Levy will not ask for more. The article only states that Barcelona will definitely not offer less than 22 million euros. If you wish, you can look up a players market value online. It is open to public. 22 million is the market value Vertonghen is set at. But yes, Levy will ask for at least 35 million euros in my opinion.

      • All Spanish contracts have buyout clauses, it’s mandatory by Spanish law. That is not the case with English clubs and that is why this story is rubbish. Someone with little knowledge of football outside of Spain has made up the story and not done their research.

  13. See the thing that kinda makes the source for this more than a bit suspect is the reference to the the ’22 million euro buyout clause.’ Anyone who knows anything about Spurs business dealings will tell you with absolute confidence there is no such clause. And as for him being a ‘conservative center-back that will not risk leaving the back vulnerable to counter-attacks,’ sorry to burst your bubble again but conservative he is not. He’s more than happy to play risky and run with the ball from the back…he does it well but the risk is there nevertheless. If you’re also concerned about Pique’s form you may also want to consider Vertonghen’s, he had a very good first season but this last year he’s been pretty much consistently bad with both his composure and positioning (the two traits you mentioned) being of particular concern.

    • 22 million does not refer to the amount Levy will ask for. It only refers to his market value or the buyout clause that was set when he signed for the club. The article and the source I used is stating that Barca are sure to pay at least the buyout amount stated in the contract. You can find his market value online; it is open to public.
      I chose my words poorly. What I mean by conservative, in my mind I was comparing it to David Luiz, which I should have clarified. David Luiz leaves the back highly vulnerable i.e. Germany vs. Brazil. Vertonghen gladly joins the offense; however, he does not do it without forgetting his defensive duties.
      And I was using his form in the World Cup. In Brazil, Vertonghen did better then at Spurs. I give more blame to Sherwood than Vertonghen himself on the latter form with Spurs.

      • There is no buyout clause in his contract, this is the point so many are trying to get across to you. We’re not a Spanish club that has to put a buyout clause in his contract as a matter of law, this is why the source for the story is so dubious because anyone reliable would at least know that English clubs don’t have to insert them into contracts and Daniel Levy certainly wouldn’t. As for market value, doesn’t matter where you get that from, those are nothing more than opinions. The fact is unless we’re actively trying to sell him you’ll be very lucky to get him at anything less than 35m euros.

        • First of all, I want to thank you for continually replying. I appreciate the critique and your knowledge of the game. Just to let you know, I am taking to account anything you state here as a learning experience.
          Now, back to the contract. Maybe not specifically a buyout clause, but contracts need a way to be nullified. It can be some sort of release clause that defines the terms of how the contract can end. Or else the player and club would have to wait until the contract is completed.
          There must be a way for other clubs to purchase a player with a contract to its club. A club cannot simply just show up and tear a contract. But you’re right that buyout clauses don’t necessarily have to be put by an English club. Levy is a master negotiator.
          In terms of the market value, there is. Players are products of a club. They are bought and sold. They have market values that placed in the transfer market in case clubs want to purchase. However, those values are becoming almost like an opinion since they are disregarded by clubs that can throw money i.e. Real Madrid, City, PSG.

  14. Ridiculous article. There is no buy out clause. Knowing levy barca will need to bid £25-30m or wait until next summer for that price

    • There’s always a buyout clause. This is speaking only to his market value, not what Levy is asking for. In the transfer market (there’s an actual website if you wish to look at it) his worth is 22 million euros. It is what was set when Spurs signed him from Ajax. There is no doubt Levy might not ask for less than 35 million euros.

  15. I watch him every week also Craigo and I think your 7.5 is a little harsh to be honest. He is an 8.5 easy.

    That is obviously ignoring his 6 month Sherwood strop where I wouldn’t have even given him a 2.5!

  16. conservative defender who will not venture forward! have you ever seen him play because that is not him. Daniel Levy and buyout clauses don’t exist. absolute BS especially at that price.

    • Yes, Luiz ventures forward; but he does so intelligently. I should have been more clear. To be fair, while I was defining Vertonghen, I was comparing him (in my mind) to someone to attacks stupidly from the back such as David Luiz. Pique is into the same habit at times. Vertonghen attacks without forgetting his defensive duties.
      The value is only referring to his market value. Levy will surely ask for more. However, in the transfer market, Vertonghen’s market value is 22 million euros. The article only states that Barca will not pay less that his value in the market.

  17. Not gonna happen, at least not at this price and at the time when an average defender like Luiz got sold for 50mils. You have totally underestimated Levy.

    He’s gonna milk barca to their limits. 30-35 mil pounds will be the price if it gets done.

    • No doubt Levy will ask for more. The article and the source I used only refers to the fact that Barcelona will not offer less than the value in his market. His value is 22 million euros. But we can all agree he is worth as much as you stated.

    • Yes, of course. But you must remember that the clause is set when the player signs. So the 22 million is the value he was set for when transferred. Of course, that’s the value in the market. Levy can always simply ask for more if Barca choose to negotiate.

  18. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but two points to make as below:
    1) I don’t spurs will let him go – not at that money at least. Luiz is £50m and Jan is ten times as good so, barca will need to dig deep
    2) despite being ten times Luiz – trust me, I watch him every week, he’s at best a 7.5 out of 10

    • I agree he will be more expensive. According to the source I used, the 22 million only refers to the buyout of the contract. I am sure, if it happens, that Spurs will ask for more.
      And David Luiz is definitely not worth that 50 that PSG paid, but I definitely think Vertonghen plays better and is more secured in the back.


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