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How the Luis Suarez Transfer Could Help & Hurt Liverpool

Luis Suarez
Wikimedia/Илья Хохлов

After a controversial World Cup showing, Luis Suarez is rumored to make a move from Liverpool to Barcelona, with websites such as The Guradian and The Daily Mail confirming the rumour. Suarez has long been a fellow Red in Liverpool, but it appears that his transfer to the Camp Nou is imminent. Barcelona have expressed that they prefer to pay the fees for Luis Suarez based on his performance throughout the year (if he were to play with Barcelona). However, Liverpool want Barcelona to pay at least £70m as soon as the deal were to be completed. This conflicting impasse will first need to be resolved in order to completely verify his move to Barcelona.

If Liverpool and Barca were to agree on terms for Luis Suarez, they would both benefit but also be hurt by the transfer.

Liverpool Influence

Liverpool would be getting a massive amount of money for him and this would help their rebuilding process substantially. Although the Anfield team did shine in the 2012-2013 Premier League season, there is always room for improvement. One of their weaknesses was their defense, and with such a large amount of money they would be able to heavily rebuild on that flaw. Conceding a whopping fifty goals last season, Liverpool definitely need to improve their backline or at least provide more support from their midfield. The monetary gain from Luis Suarez would be important for Liverpool and along with a great season last year, they could be title contenders once again.

Consequently, if Liverpool were to lose Luis Suarez they would be letting one of Europe’s top strikers. Suarez managed to get Europe’s golden shoe along with Cristiano Ronaldo, the PFA Player of the Year Award, and was the Football Association Writers player of the year. Additionally, he was influential in helping Liverpool return to Champions League football once again. All of these awards and accomplishments speak for themselves by showing how significant Suarez is on the pitch. With Suarez potentially gone, Liverpool star Daniel Sturridge will need additional help in leading the Reds attacking force.

Barcelona Influence

Barcelona is one of Europe’s soccer giants and their approach to Luis Suarez shows why they are rightfully so. Since Alexis Sanchez is potentially leaving Barcelona, their input on Luis Suarez makes sense. They are replacing a great striker with a superb striker. Aside from dealing with Suarez’ antics, Barcelona could greatly benefit from having Suarez in their attacking unit. One can imagine Lionel Messi providing an array of assists to Luis Suarez, making them a deadly duo.

On the other hand, the “Cules” will need to deal with Luis Suarez’ actions aside from actually playing soccer. His chomp off of Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder in the World Cup shows how unpredictable the Uruguayan can be. Although he hadn’t brought major problems to Uruguay or Liverpool last year, his recent action shows that he may bring problems to Barcelona. For this reason they proposed to pay the transfer fee in sections, based on his actions throughout the year. Overall, Barcelona’s move to get Luis Suarez is risky because it could possibly bite them back.