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Chelsea Fighting for €15m World Cup Semifinalist


With long-time Chelsea and Arsenal left back Ashley Cole exiting Stamford Bridge, the Blues are in search of a replacement. Atletico Madrid man Filipe Luis has been at the forefront of rumors recently and a possible move to join former teammate and now Chelsea striker Diego Costa would make some sense.

With Argentina in the semifinals of the World Cup though, Marcos Rojo is getting a great deal of recognition from Chelsea, among a few other major clubs. It has been reported by Portugese newspaper O Jogo that the 24 year old Rojo is in the mix for a €15 million deal with Chelsea.

He has led a stellar back line for the Argentines this summer, who have only conceded three goals in five matches. In addition to his great play on the defensive end, the Sporting Lisbon defender tallied the winner in his team’s 3-2 victory over Nigeria in the group stage.

How This Move Would Help Chelsea

As I stated earlier, Rojo is only 24 years old, whereas Atleti’s Luis is approaching 29. Five years is a vast difference in footballing. Chelsea are looking for a long-term solution at the left back spot, especially since manager Jose Mourinho hasn’t shown any interest in starting Ryan Bertrand in his natural spot. That only leaves Spanish international Cesar Azpilicueta, who is more effective at the right back position.

Rojo displays great poise on the ball when going forward and defends in an excellent manner when challenged down the flanks. His ability to get up and back fits the style of the Stamford Bridge side very well, as they often like their wing backs to get forward. He delivers a great ball in from the wing too, which could lead to a deadly combination with Costa if both men live up to expectations.

The move earns a 10 out of 10 in terms of Rojo assisting Chelsea. They need someone who can distribute from attacking positions, but also defend at a high level. Rojo fits both the criteria.

Likelihood Of The Transfer

Rojo’s Portugese influence could potentially play a factor in whether this deal gets completed. Mourinho is of Portugese descent and also managed several sides from Portugal in the past, including Porto, whom he won a Champions League trophy with in 2004. It may not seem like a significant aspect, but ties between players and teams are often times a very big deal.

Overall, I believe that signing Rojo would be beneficial for the London side. Chelsea have a great need for the defender and the value is certainly there. His play at the World Cup has spoken for itself against the world’s top talents and he definitely has his best years ahead of him. Playing with the likes of John Terry and Gary Cahill would also alleviate some of the pressure.

This rumor has merits for sure. I’d say at this point it is very much a possibility, especially given Chelsea’s limited options. The potential move receives an 8 out of 10 in terms of likeliness.