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Brazil vs Germany – 3 Things Brazil Must Do To Defeat Germany

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With an impressive performance over Colombia, Brazil needs to continue their positive momentum on home soil to beat a strong but vulnerable German side. Scolari’s Selecao beat the Colombian national team 2-1 in a quarterfinal match-up last week in what seemed to be a pretty simple victory with Brazil’s two center backs scoring the goals. Thiago Silva netted the goal early on in the match which seemed to calm down the Brazilan side and his partner in crime David Luiz added a dipping free kick later that just beat the goalie’s fingertips in the second half. Joachim Low’s side will be much tougher and much more organized than what Brazil has experienced in their last two knockout round matches. Here are a few things that they must do in order to beat the three-time world champions.

1. Attack Peter Mertesacker

If he plays, go at him. He’s slow, clumsy and not too mention just looks utterly goofy on the soccer pitch. If Neymar would be playing in this game he would probably be Mertesacker’s worst nightmare with his speed and flair that he brings into each game. The Arsenal center back struggles with opposing players who have skill and speed when attacking him down the flanks and 1v1 in the middle of the field. We saw him struggle against the speedy Algerian forwards and it seemed to be a weakness in Germany’s defense. The Brazilian players are smarter and faster in the attacking third and this is probably the best side Germany will see so far during the World Cup. Brazil needs to attack the vulnerable center back if they hope to score a couple of goals against Joachim Low’s defense.

2. Cause Turnovers In The Middle of The Park

Germany has looked weak so far against the counterattack. Algeria arguably should’ve put another one or two goals against Germany but just didn’t have the right touch in the final third and it doesn’t help when the Germans have one of the best goalie’s in the world with Manuel Neuer. When Oscar, Fernandinho and Luis Gustavo steal the ball in the middle of the pitch, they have to make sure to get the ball up as fast as possible because Germany’s midfielders are often times caught way too high up the field, which can lead to great opportunities for the counterattack with Willian and Hulk.

3. Don’t Let Thomas Mueller Get Comfortable

If he spends the majority of the game with his hands in the air complaining to the refs instead of worrying about himself, then Brazil has a great chance to win. He seemed out of it during the France match and I think that’s because Varane, Sakho and Koscielny pushed Mueller around a little bit and didn’t ever let him settle into his own which caused him to play poorly and spend most of his time complaining instead of playing. Mueller can be really dangerous if he feels comfortable going at the defense but if David Luiz, Dante, Maicon and Marcelo push him around during the 90 minutes, then he could be up for a rough match up against a pretty big back four.