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Mexico vs Netherlands (Holanda) World Cup June 29, 2014 Prediction, Lineups, TV Schedule, Date and Time

Fortaleza Mexico vs Holanda

Update: Mexico lost 2-1 to Holland. Netherlands scored a goal in the 87th minute, and again in the 93rd minute. Like always, Mexico is eliminated in the Round of 16 for the sixth consecutive time. Mexico was very close, but simply collapsed in the final minutes. You can view the match highlights on the official FIFA website here.

Video: Dutch Fans celebrate in Brazil after defeating Mexico

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The Mexico vs Netherlands (Holanda) World Cup knockout match, “octavos de final“, will take place this Sunday, June 29, 2014 (9:00 AM Pacific) at the Arena Castelao in Fortaleza. After the great Group Stage of the World Cup, it is finally time to begin the Round of 16. Unsurprisingly, the Netherlands successfully came out of the Group Stage in dominating fashion. Eager to redeem themselves and claim World Cup glory, the Netherlands will need to get past a formidable Mexico team. Mexico was able to secure second place in Group A by beating Croatia 3-1 in a convincing manner. Along with Saturday’s knockout matches involving Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay, Mexico vs Netherlands could be one of the most exciting matches in this phase of the World Cup.

Mexico Team News

So far, Mexico has exceeded expectations that fans had before the World Cup. Critics around the globe had El Tri ending up in 3rd place in Group A, but they somehow proved most people wrong. With the help of a strong Mexico crowd in Brazil, El Tri coach Miguel Herrera has propelled the team and himself to fame. Internet memes around the world and his strong charisma have given Miguel Herrera popularity among soccer fans. But aside from entertaining people through his antics, Herrera has helped El Tri reach a higher level of play.

With an impressive game against Brazil and a convincing defeat of Croatia, Mexico have the tools to give the Netherlands trouble. One of Mexico’s biggest strengths in this World Cup so far has been its defense. In the group stage, Mexico only conceded one goal, partly thanks to Guillermo Ochoa’s memorable performance against Brazil. Once again, Mexico will be in a bigger stage, against the Dutch, and this time there is no holding back.

Netherlands Team News

The Orange Crush have proven that they are one of the biggest teams to fear in the World Cup. They managed to get all three wins in their group stage matches and exceptionally with a goal difference of +7. If the statistics alone do not speak for themselves, one of those wins came against 2010 World Cup champion Spain in a 5-1 victory. So far, the Dutch have come out as arguably the strongest team in the World Cup and they will look to make a statement against El Tri.

Lately, Robben has proven to be a strong asset for the Netherlands and he will look to do the same this Sunday in Fortaleza. Although he is proclaimed to not be at 100% yet, Robben is still a player to watch out for at any given moment. Backing him up however, is his “partner in crime”, teammate Robin van Persie. Van Persie has shown that he is a dangerous striker and will force Rafael Marquez and company to be on their toes.

Mexico vs Netherlands Prediction

In what will be another thrilling World Cup match,hopefully no biting involved in this one, Mexico and the Netherlands will face off in the intense heat of Fortaleza, Brazil. Mexicans will surely fill most of the stadium and their presence will be strong in the game. But, the Dutch have nothing to fear, as they have stormed into the World Cup with great performances so far. What is for sure however, is that the winner of this match will not be the underdog in the following stage of the World Cup. With Mexico playing at a high level in recent performances, it is difficult to say what the final score of this match will be. The Netherlands will most likely pull the 2-1 win over an inspired Mexico team.

Mexico vs Netherlands TV Schedule

The Mexico vs Netherlands game will be televised on ESPN and Univision on Sunday, June 29, at 9:00 AM Pacific Time.