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England Player Analysis vs Uruguay – Time for Hodgson to Leave?

Rooney Manchester United
Wikimedia: Gordon Flood

England have lost their second game of the tournament. This time, Uruguay defeated the English side with the score of 2-1.

This game could be named after Luis Suarez, as Uruguay’s star delivered enormously. His performance was a man-of-the match style. He netted twice to put England behind two times.Both goals were phenomenal, especially after having such a difficult surgery performed on his knee.

England played well trying to hold the ball in the middle. However, Roy Hodgson’s men were not very sharp upfront. Roy Hodgson finally played Rooney in his position, and the striker delivered with the leveler. However, that was not enough for England.

Uruguay, had three major chances in the game and they used two of those chances. England looked lackluster and without motivation. The movement of the English squad was slow and predictable as they could not brake the tough defense that Uruguay had.

The reason of England’s failures, is their doggy defense. Having Jagielka and Cahill in the center, after the golden years of Ferdinand and Terry, played a huge role. If Uruguay was able to finish two out of three of their attacks, that means that something is wrong at the back. Furthermore, the strikers could not finish up the chances they had during the game and were not sharp enough. Also, the age of Steven Gerrard was showing, as the Liverpool and England skipper was slow in making his decisions and could not orchestrate England’s attacks

After two loses, England has very little chance of progressing. They can only hope that Costa Rica will lose to Italy tomorrow, and Uruguay loses to Italy in their last match. Furthermore, England would have to beat Costa Rica with the difference of more than two goals. This is a very difficult task, and the England squad can only hope for the best.

After this game, the English Football Association has to make some important decisions. After giving Roy Hodgson two years to prepare for this World Cup, after having a good World Cup qualification campaign, it seemed as though England should progress out of their difficult group.

However, this poor form versus Italy and Uruguay hints that Roy Hodgson is not the man for the job. He knew that he will have a difficult opener versus Italy and the second game versus Uruguay. Uruguay gave him a perfect present by not winning their first match, yet England still could not perform and progress. The FA should consider parting ways with the current England manager and find a suitable replacement. Blaming Wayne Rooney for England’s troubles all the time is not the right way, the manger could not motivate the team.

Now, England should focus on their last game versus Costa Rica and win the game. They should hope for the best, however, if the faith does not smile towards the English  team, they should leave Brazil with their heads high, hoping to prove critics wrong at the next European Cup.