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England vs Uruguay Prediction & Lineup Analysis


England will be coming into their second game of the tournament with high hopes. After the gloomy start to the campaign against Italy on Saturday, England should be hoping for the best. Against Italy, England showed quality football in the first half. England conceded first, but the reply did not take a long time. However, England was lacking sharpness in their attacks towards the second half. At the end of the game, the quality of Italy’s midfield became obvious, and that was the decisive factor that earned Italy the win.

England’s game versus Uruguay is the crucial decisive game for both teams. Uruguay shockingly lost their opener to Costa Rica 3-1.  Uruguay, one of the favorites to finish top in the group, slipped up in the game, which they were destined to win. Now, with games versus Italy and England left, its crucial to get all six points.

The game between England and Uruguay is pivotal to decide which team will go through. England should start the game with the same line up or somewhat the same to the one that was used versus Italy.

England should use Sterling and Welbeck on the wings with Sturridge up front and Wayne Rooney falling behind him. There was a lot of criticism towards Rooney, and the way he regularly under-performs. However, If Roy Hodgson will continue to play Wayne Rooney out of position on the wing, he will get the least out of this great striker. Rooney has proven many times that he can create and score if he plays under a striker or he plays as the striker. Against Uruguay, England should be aggressive. Playing Wayne Rooney in the position in which he performs best is crucial for England to get the three points.

This game will be an interesting match to watch, as it is all or nothing for both sides. If England has a game with Costa Rica left, Uruguay will have a game with Italy as their closing match of the tournament, which is a must-win game. For England however, a draw could still be a way to go, if they beat Costa Rica in their last game. England will attack sharply, trying to control the ball in midfield.

Uruguay, has nothing to lose. Not playing Luis Suarez in the game versus Costa Rica was a very controversial decision. That may be the reason why Uruguay was unable to tame Costa Rica and go 2-0 up. Now, Uruguay’s coach without a doubt will play him against England. Luis Suarez in any condition is a major threat, so England should look out for him and the defense needs to be prepared for fast attacks.

England should try to control the ball and be aware of Uruguay’s fast-paced strikers. A fast goal would not happen in this game, as teams will be cautious and protective, as one mistake could send them home immediately. The game will be slow at the start, but as soon as a goal is scored, the game will open up and the winner will be established. Nevertheless, I predict England will not lose this game. It will either finish as a win for England or a draw, and they will have a better chance of progressing to the next stage.

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