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Liverpool Still Has a Chance- a Review of What has to Happen

Wikimedia: Helen Bromley

After the 3-3 tie against Crystal Palace, Liverpool players and fans are devastated – you could see it in their faces. Not only because of the result, but also the way the match evolved: they were winning 0-3 and in the last fifteen minutes the Eagles made three goals.

Most people think that the Premier League is already lost, but I don’t. It’s true that Manchester City, their main rivals, are in a great moment, but things like Liverpool’s Monday match can happen to them too. After all, it’s football, and although it’s very difficult, it isn’t impossible.

Let’s review the table and upcoming matches of the three teams with chances of winning the title:

1 Liverpool, 37 played games, 81 points, +50 goal difference

2 Manchester City, 36 played games, 80 points, +59 goal difference

3 Chelsea, 37 games played, 79 points, +43 goal difference

Next Sunday, Liverpool will host Newcastle United at Anfield, Chelsea will visit Cardiff City and City will face West Ham. But the Citizens have one postponed match that they’ll play on Wednesday, as they’ll host Aston Villa.

It’s obvious that Manchester City is the main candidate to win the title, since they have to win four points in two matches at home against the 12° and 14° of the table, and their record at the Etihad Stadium is 15 victories, one tie (against Sunderland) and one loss (against Chelsea, one of the top teams of the tournament).

In my opinion, Liverpool’s chances of winning the title are extremely low, but it’s not impossible. Just remember Premier League 2011/12, in which Manchester City arrived to the last match against QPR at Etihad Stadium with 17 wins, one tie and no loses playing at home, and although they won the EPL on goal difference from Manchester United, they were very close to losing it, since they scored two injury-time goals to defeat a team which finished 17° by 3-2.

What I mean is, even when only a miracle can give the Reds this Premier League, they don’t have to give up hope. They should focus on winning the match against the Magpies… and expect for the miracle. That’s all they can do.