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Giggs Could Leave Manchester United at End of Season

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It is looking increasingly likely that Van Gaal will be installed as the next United manager during the summer, a move that will be confirmed this or early next week. It is also a move that will see the most decorated man in English football history leave the club he has been with since he was 14 years old.

Giggs stated after the 7th home defeat of a nightmare season for Manchester United that if the new manager offered him an extra year as a player, he would consider it. However, that is very unlikely and Giggs would look further afield to gain the experience necessary for top level coaching.


There is much debate about where Giggs will choose to go should he need to. It would be nearly impossible for him to look at any other team in the Premier League due to his massive commitment and loyalty to United, it is also uncertain whether he would be interested in a move to a club in any of the lower leagues of English football due to the need for top level experience.

This means that he may well see it as being appropriate to look to Europe for a coaching role, and with no shortage of admirers throughout the continent, Giggs should find himself with a few offers on the table.

The experience gained in a continental environment will help mould Giggs as he prepares for the inevitable return to Old Trafford one day as the main man. Despite receiving backing for the role immediately by players including Wayne Rooney, it seems now that United will definitely not be offering him the role, for now.


What this also means is that the home game against Hull could well be his last opportunity to play at Old Trafford. He has said he will be very tempted to name himself on the bench and hopefully come on and score. Depsite the fact that this season has been instantly forgettable and regrettable for the champions, it will always be remembered for the fact that it was the year United said goodbye to one of their playing hero’s. Not so much goodbye perhaps, but au revoir….



  1. The interesting question for Louis van Gaal will be – what to do with Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney, Marouane Fellaini and Alexander Buttner.
    If possible, it would be good to keep Giggs (perhaps as a player/coach) as this will endear Louis to the Man U supporters and Ryan is the consummate professional so he can contribute leadership to the squad.
    Rooney is another matter. He is now injury-prone and usually goes “invisible” in the big matches. An argument can be made that Wayne needs to leave Man U. as he may be a hindrance to the rebuilding process and keep Louis from starting with a clean slate. Given the choice, I believe the Man U supporters would rather keep Giggs as they are tired of Rooney’s ongoing saga’s.
    Van Gaal must find a place for Fellainie as he is an extraordinary player. Due to injury and being victim of the most incompetent manager in recent history, Marouane never had a real chance at Man U and it will serve van Gaal well to find a place for him on the squad.
    Being Dutch, Buttner may get a second chance under van Gaal (although at the moment he does not deserve one) to show off his “promise”.
    Man U have only three world-class players – De Gea, Mata and van Persie so van Gaal needs to add EIGHT new world-class and high-impact players ….if Man U aspire to be a team capable of beating Man City, Chelsea, Bayern, Barca and Real Madrid.
    Squad players to keep include – Rafael, Lindegaard, Hernandez, Welbeck, Valencia, Kagawa, Januzaj, Evans, Zaha, Fellaini, Jones, Giggs and Rooney.
    Players to be discarded include – Carrick, Ferdinand, Young, Buttner (?), Nani, Vidic, Evra, Smalling, Cleverley, Fletcher and Anderson as they are aging, injury-prone or have shown no improvement so what’s the point of keeping them. It is important that van Gaal get’s as clean a slate as possible – so these eleven need to go.
    To stay on-side of the HGPR, van Gaal can add Luke Shaw, Michael Turner and Steve Sidwell.
    My preference is that Louis creates a critical mass of Germanic/Slav players from a pool that includes – Ricky van Wolfwinkel, Yevhen Konoplianka, Laszio Sepsi, Ivanov Ivanov, Neven Subotic, Marco Reus, Mario Mandzukic, Lukasz Piszczek, Mats Hummels, Thomas Muller, Toni Kroos and Dusan Tadic.
    Man U need four new starting defenders, two wingers and one holding mid-fielder and one striker for a total of eight new players.
    The good news is that van Gaal will enjoy one full season to blend these players into a new fighting machine capable of sustained excellence on the field.
    As such, Man U’s objectives for 2015 should be to (a) finish in the top three of the EPL and (b) win either the “Capital One Cup” or the “FA Cup”.
    In 2016, Man U’s objectives must be to win the EPL and finish at least in the semi-finals of the Champions League and of course their 2017 objective must be to win the EPL again and also to win the Champions League.


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