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Is Mourinho to blame if Chelsea do not win the Title?

Wikimedia - Tsutomu Takasu

Chelsea are only two points off the leaders Liverpool going into the weekend, but need a lot of help now in the final weeks to win the Premier League title. Manchester City now control their destiny, as they have the better goal differential than Liverpool.

Chelsea were top of the table during the season and looked like they might go on to win it. But that seems to have changed because of the dropped points.

Chelsea have beaten Manchester City both times this season and have beaten Liverpool both times. The problem for Chelsea has not been the big matches against the big teams, but the matches against the weaker sides.

Chelsea should be the ones who feel the worst about not winning the title if that happens come May 11th. The title race changed for Chelsea on March 15th when they went to Villa Park and lost 1-0. After that defeat, they rebounded to destroy Arsenal but then once again lost to lower opposition at Selhurst Park against Crystal Palace.

And then to make matters worse, they lost on April 19th at Stamford Bridge to Sunderland to end Jose Mourinho’s home unbeaten streak in the Premier League. These three matches for me decided the title for Chelsea and cost them their chance.

Theoretically, Chelsea can still win the title but they need Liverpool to lose at Crystal Palace and Manchester City to lose at Everton this weekend. Liverpool host Newcastle on the final day, which I can’t see Liverpool dropping points there, while City get Villa and West Ham both at the Etihad.

Chelsea have to win their final two matches of the season to get to 84 points and hope City and Liverpool lose one of their final matches because Chelsea’s inferior goal differential.

Chelsea have come up huge against the top sides in the EPL this season, but the lower sides are the reason that Chelsea will more than likely lose the title. Chelsea’s counter attack style was perfect against sides that came at them but the lower sides sat back and made Chelsea break them down which, more often than not, did not happen.

Yes it’s true that Liverpool and Manchester City would kick themselves too of they lost the title this year, but Chelsea should feel the worst. I fancy City to go on and win the title and that is only possible because of Liverpool’s defeat at home to Chelsea last Sunday.